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Keep on track through the weekend?

What a joke! I really wanted to but we had to go to the city because our range hood was dead! We had a few things we wanted to shop for but the damned range hood took most of our time


So our day started good as I got up not too late and made scrambled eggs and toast in order to avoid McDonald’s bacon and egg McMuffin and hash brown and their yucky coffee.

Off we went and had trouble finding the Rona hardware store because every time I enter an address into our new tomtom gps(I hate it) it never has the proper house number and offers me some other number on the same street that isn’t anywhere near where we want to go.

When we made it there the store, it was closed and had been moved to a new location!?! So here we go again…Once we get to the new location we couldn’t find the range hood we wanted because they didn’t have it there. The lady that helped us checked on her computer to see where we could find what we wanted. So she wrote everything down for us including the “new” location we had to head for.

So we made it there and the lady at the entrance confirmed to us that there we 3 in store. Yay! We make it to the range hood alley and get help because once again we cannot find it. So after about 40 minutes of looking with us the guy check in the computer and confir that it is here…somewhere…it could be anywhere in the pallets that haven’t been opened yet… By that time I was already very impatient and angry.

So I started going on about how we drove all the way here because RONA said it was here and they didn’t have it and bla ba bla. So we ended up picking another range hood much more powerful because there was nothing similar to what we wanted and I didn’t wanted to get some cheap one that wouldn’t catch any of the smoke or steam. We had a 10% deal off it because I complained and we also used the rona gift card of 150$ (that was the only reason we went there in the first place) so we paid 279$ which is way more than we were hoping to pay but we wanted to get the hell out of there and be done with it!

Now I know that if I cook a steak there won’t be smoke in the house for the rest of the day but I also know not to trust store’s websites because I looked on there Rona’s website to know what we wanted before to go in the city. Next time I won’t bother at all and pick something at the first store so we don’t lose our day driving around and searching for something.

After that frustrating process we were starving so we stopped at the first place we saw which was Tony Roma’s rib place and had a calories feast. It was alright but I wouldn’t really care to go back there. I had ribs and steak combo(ate 2/3 of it) and a baked potato and we shared desert as well. Like if it was not enough i had 3 Timtam with my latté on the way back. I blew my calorie budget right on and was not even hungry for dinner. I had a few strawberries and went to bed when we got back home.


Since we only had 1 meal in the city it could have been worst so I am not even upset about it Smile

As I wrote that Sunday morning I thought that I would be alright for at least the rest of the day…Well it turned out that we had 2 more meals at restaurants and that I didn’t even have time to find out how much calories it was. I am not sure I want to know…

…Restaurants are my enemy, they are budget killer for calories but for money as well. It looks like being on track during the week is easy compare to doing it through the weekend.

Have a good week!


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4 thoughts on “Keep on track through the weekend?

  1. ahhh – you’re running into the same stumbling blocks I used to stumble upon. I did it a few times before I realized it wasn’t worth it. If I couldn’t avoid eating out, I would choose a place where I could order healthy, low calorie foods. Another thing I do now, if I know I MIGHT get caught out longer than planned, is to bring along apples or some sort of snack that I can eat to hold me over til I get home. You’re right – restaurants are a killer on the budget and the waist line.
    That being said, I totally feel your pain about having to drive all over creation to find ONE thing, and then still not be happy about it after it’s done. What a rotten way to spend a weekend day. You should be like me and just not have a weekend… :/ lol I’m kidding! I’ll get my weekend after one more day of work! yippee!
    Anyway – get back to it this week. No need fretting too much over it. Although it sounds like you’re not anyway. Good for you! Happy Monday! 🙂

  2. Totally agree with Shadow. Packing small meals is my life saver and going out to eat is expensive for the waste and the pocket book. I’ve had to learn to choose different places to eat sometimes and even then it can be difficult.

    • Yes i will have to stay away from the restaurants from now on, for a while anyway because it’s just not worth spending my money to ruin my weigh loss! 🙂 Packing meal is an idea, I used to be better at it last winter, just an habit to get back on I guess.

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