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This is what I had yesterday



I was under goal and I did my work-out in the morning as well. The numbers were up yesterday morning but I was expecting it considering my not so good weekend. This morning it was up even higher! It was at 76.1 kilos/167 pounds. To give you an idea here is what it was last Friday:165 pounds/74.8 kilos. I didn’t like that one little bit! A voice in my head said: why am I getting up earlier for? I didn’t listen to it and did my work-out like I was supposed to. I know, I know, it fluctuates everyday but could it fluctuate on the way down sometimes? loll Hopefully it will start coming down tomorrow.

Just to bring some positive in, I would like to point out to myself that I have always admired those who were getting up early to exercise and I have always wanted to do it to but somehow I couldn’t get up in the morning. Well I am one of those now!!! Yay! It’s always surprising on how much step I end up doing during the day even if I have cut down one of my walks. Comparing to before I started working it’s amazing. Way to go me Winking smile

Have a good day!


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3 thoughts on “Up to the roof

  1. Welcome to the club! Well, actually, this whole week I’ve had to leave my house by 4:30 am, so I did not get up to exercise one time. I hated it! But tomorrow I will be running first thing!
    Try not to let those fluctuations bother you! Just continue to eat right and exercise! Add a few toning exercises occasionally as well, and you’ll continue on your way to a healthy life! 🙂

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