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About yesterday…


This was yesterday’s goal.

I had a great day yesterday. I made pumpkin and raisins muffin with the kids. It is such a good recipe with lots of wheatabix and oat in it. I have never like the taste of whole wheat so I tried to vary to use different flour in my recipes like buckwheat or rye. The muffin weren’t a success with all my little friends but there is one who hardly like anything anyway.


I once told that child’s dad how it went during the day and that she ate a bit of her sandwich but left her broccoli. His answer was: Who like broccoli anyway? The other day I have asked the child’s mom what she feeds her for lunch and the answer was: peanut butter and jelly sandwich, bacon and cheese, hotdogs…Now I kind of understand why she is such  a fussy eater. There is days that she won’t even touch what is in her plate. However she never gets a bigger afternoon snack even if she skip lunch. If I would do that children wouldn’t even never eat lunch and would only feed on snacks. Since I am a tricky person, yesterday I made egg and cheese mcmuffin type sandwiches. I only gave her half of hers and two mini pieces of broccoli. She asked for more McMuffin and I said she could have more once she had finished her broccoli. She ate it faster than I thought( I though she would just say she was done) and she didn’t even seems to mind. She then ate the rest of the sandwich and now I know that she can eat broccoli(evil laugh)

My daughter was great at taekwondo yesterday! Apparently she can kick very high because she had a high five from an assistant teacher while they were all practicing their kick and the master even came over and told her after as well. I was very proud but not only for that reason but she was listening good and giving her best the whole time. They always ask for volunteer parent to help and hold “the thing” they punch or kick on and since I am a very shy person I wasn’t getting up at first. The 2 last class i did it but didn’t really like it. Yesterday it was different, I really had a lot of fun doing it and helping the children in my line to do the moves correctly. Helping at the best of my knowledge of course. When they are 3-4-5 years old I guess any help is good, plus the black belts come around to help as well and correct their moves.

Have a good day, I have to get ready for my day now, actually I am a little late…and the scale gave me better numbers this morningSmile


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5 thoughts on “About yesterday…

  1. There was a time when I could understand why no one would like broccoli, but now I have broccoli almost nightly. I LOVE it! My kids don’t share the same excitement for it however.
    Happy to hear that tae-kwon-do went better this time. Good for you for stepping outside your box and getting involved!
    Enjoy the day with your kids. I plan to do nothing…. 🙂

  2. I love broccoli and all vegetables, my girls do too! I actually have to bring food with me to birthday parties because they don’t like hot dogs! LOL! … They do love chocolate though so I bake and give some chocolatey treat in moderation during the day! I don’t want them having weight issues like their mommy!

    • Exactly! Kids shouldn’t grow up thinking vegetable are not good! Treat are good but it’s when the treat becomes normal that it isn’t good anymore. You are doing an awesome job with your girls and I understand how you feel about your children picking up your issues because I feel the same 🙂

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