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Wii yoga


Yesterday I ate too much at lunch just because there was some left….So something weird happened. After supper I had energy left and no sinus headache(YAY) I decided to do some Wii fit exercises, I did 2 advanced step and the obstacle course and my old yoga routine. It was though! I don’t know if yoga is supposed to tone you but there was some serious muscles shaking happening there. I didn’t realise how much it works you muscles before because I was so used to it. It really helped keeping on goal for the day.

So while I was doing that yoga routine my daughter stepped in and did it with me. Then the phone rang while we were starting the spinal twist laying down on the flour. We don’t use the board or the remote for this exercise and it always says “you are very stable, good job!” even if we are not doing it at all. After I was done with the phone I came back and did the last half. I said to daughter “oh I missed the first half” she said “It’s ok, I did it for you Mom, it said I was very stable… more stable than you” loll I laughed for about 5 minutes.

I am getting used (slowly)to go to bed earlier. It is still hard to get up in the morning but as long as I don’t think too much and get up right away it’s ok.

Have a good Thursday!


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6 thoughts on “Wii yoga

  1. Good for you! You’re doing great and setting an awesome example for your little girl! I am so happy I am back at it… even my girls are doing it with me too… it’s very funny to see my 21 month old doing the “jacknife” with me … lol… it’s soo cool! And yes… they come up with the funniest things.. the other day I heard my 4 year old telling her little sister (in a scolding tone) … “Don’t rely on momentum!” LOL!

  2. Yes! Write them down! They’ll be so fun to read when your girls (TLI’s too) are as old as my kids!
    I could never get into yoga because it’s too slow for me, but it definitely works your muscles! I do a lot of planks for my stomach which is the same concept.
    Keep it up! You’re doing great!!

  3. I keep saying I’m going to try the Yoga on the WIi again. Last time I tried it the trainer dude kept saying… Are you having trouble? Have you given up? No man, I’m just out of shape and unable to stand on one foot ! My hubby laughs at me because I talk back to the dude on the TV as though he really hears me. But now that I have a lot of weight off…I think it’s time to try again.

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