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Long weekend is over

We just had our Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada. It was so nice to have 3 days off!

Saturday the day started kind of nice with the scale finally dropping the numbers for me. I was at 74.4 kilos which is the lightest I have been since I have started this journey and for a long time anyway. It felt good and it was about time! Then around lunch time we went to our daughter’s first “friend birthday party”. The little girl’s Mom told us we were welcome to stay or welcome to go…My husband then jumped on the occasion and though it would be nice for me to spend a few hours away from daughter and just the 2 of us…I didn’t want to but didn’t want to look like I was freaking out(I was!) so I told him to leave the lady his cell phone number just in case and off we went. Daughter was perfectly happy to stay without us being there.

So we were in the car, driving off and then I started thinking… I see the birthday girl and her mom at tae kwon do twice a week but we really don’t know these people…they live by the river…what if something happens…why did he have to mention for us we should go enjoy some free time….I don’t want to enjoy anything right now! I just want to make sure my precious is safe! In the same time my tears were running and I was feeling like a total freak because husband was like, why are you crying? Do you want to go at the casino for lunch? hum mm. Do you want to go some take away coffee and go back over there. Hum mm maybe ….

Even if my whole self was against it I decided that we should go for lunch at the casino because this is where husband works and children are not allowed there so it means I have never been in there. He gave me the whole tour and it was nice to see where is was working but nice to be inside a restaurant kitchen because I used to work in one of those.

We had an excellent lunch and I even ordered a self medicated cheese cake to deal with my weird emotions. After about 1 1/2 hour (that seemed to be 6 hours)we headed back to get daughter and to see some of the party. She had fun, was happy and all in one piece as well.

She started to get fever during the evening again. She has been dragging that flu along for over 2 weeks now. She had fever 2 weeks ago and then just the runny nose but now it’s kind of back with a little cough at night. Hopefully she can get rid of it soon!

We used our long-weekend to catch up on cleaning the house and even the garage that looked like a mess ever since we moved. Yesterday I cooked and prepped for my week and even got a call for a Mom to visit my daycare this morning. She has 2 children so let hope that she will sign so we can pay this house and get our finances back on track.

A little update here, I asked husband to bring daughter to the hospital and she has a sinusitis. She has antibiotics now so we should get rid of that nasty thing for good!

Here is my stats for yesterday


I have done my work out yesterday and today as well so I am doing good I think.

This is our home and neighbourhood.DSCF7201

This is the view that I have from the front yard and in those tall pine trees there is a park and a walking track but it’s not a very good time to walk around there because the bear wants to feed lots before their big long nap so just in case I would look like a healthy snack I avoid to go there from mid-august.



Another view front the front yard on garbage day loll


This town is in the middle of the bush but the people who built it made sure the houses were all on top of each other anyway.


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2 thoughts on “Long weekend is over

  1. The first time leaving your “precious” is always the hardest. It gets VERY easy as time goes on…. believe me!
    Things seem to be going so well for you! Losing weight, gaining business… and an AWESOME new house! I love it! Sad that they piled them up on each other, but a nice neighborhood just the same!
    Your sky looks so beautiful! 🙂

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