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Not so good…


This happened to me after work. I was focusing on trying to get daughter to take her antibiotic because her daddy failed at the task in the morning.


I sat her on the kitchen counter and told her that she didn’t have a choice and if she didn’t take it, at the hospital they would force her. I said that i would give her just a little at the time and she could drink water in between and have a chipit. Thank to Hershey’s milk chocolate chips, we did it!

the other thing was to make her eat something that would not scratch her throat and hurt her more so I made French toast stick with thickly slice bread and gave her some maple syrup and some home made jam with that. My home made strawberry jam is more like a pie fillings or a strawberry version of apple sauce than actual jam so it’s not so sweet. She ate all the jam with a spoon and left the rest for tomorrow. She ate a French toast stick later so it was not so bad.

It was my excuse lol I ate the same things as her so I blew my calorie budget. The balance board still showed me a nice number this morning but it might not be like that next morning.

I have to go now, the dishwasher needs to be emptied and have to wake my little monster for another yucky antibiotic/Hershey combo.


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4 thoughts on “Not so good…

  1. Just get back on track tomorrow, and pretend it never happened….. maybe your scale won’t notice. lol 🙂
    Sure hope your daughter starts feeling better soon. How sad for her! 😦

    • towardshealthylife on said:

      I did!:-) 3 days of antibiotics help my little one I guess but now she is coughing a lot. i hope it going to really work soon!

  2. Yes, you’ll get back on track… I agree with Shadow! this didn’t happen… we have to move on when days like this happen…

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