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I know I was suppose to weigh myself Saturday but I didn’t. I haven’t been very well this week end and it’s the same story for today as well. I am keeping all of my energy to get through my work day and decided to skip the work-out.


Apart from blowing my nose and sneezing every 2 minutes I didn’t do anything. Oh no I am wrong I did do something… drugs! Advil sinus and Neocitran as well. With all that going on I was lucky enough to have my friend TOM coming around and staying for a few days.

Right now I would just feel like having my Mom taking charge of everything for me so I could just go back to bed…MOM! Where are you!

Oh…I am the Mom here…


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4 thoughts on “… … …

  1. Is it wrong to be laughing? lol
    Sorry you feel so rotten. Sure hope the drugs your “doing” have been helpful. Maybe when you yelled for MOM, TOM thought you were calling him.
    Hope you get some sleep tonight and feel better in the morning!

    • towardshealthylife on said:

      Haha MOM TOM good one! I was not in such a bad shape as I though I was if it makes any sense. It’s alright to be laughing because I was kind of laughing at myself a little 😉 Better get that sleep now, thanks!

  2. That terrible TOM, damned shall “he” be. 😉 I hope you will feel better soon.

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