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So I took one more lazy day with no work-out this morning. I am starting to feel better so I should be back at it tomorrow.


I am interviewing a potential client this morning. Hopefully this one will be the one.

I am getting sick of people looking for part-time child care who knows I am only doing full time but still ask for an interview to tell me after that they went for another provider because they offered part-time rate! That is if they call me back actually because most of them don’t call back and act as if they were shopping around the mall.

I am very fortunate to have such a sweet little toddler and a great pre-schooler to look after. I just need 2 more children so I can make a decent income and re-invest some into equipment and project for the children.

It’s not an easy business as most parents expect you to work for almost nothing and will always go for the cheapest. Some find weird that they still have to pay for their spot if they go in vacation for a week. Seriously how am I supposed to find a client for one week to fill in for them. How would I replace the lost income? I don’t ask them to pay me when I don’t open the child care but to pay me so I keep they child’s spot available for them. Just a little frustrated but still happy to do what I do.

Have a great day, now I have to prepare things so the kids can help me make banana bread! Smile


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5 thoughts on “One more lazy day

  1. Happy to hear you’re feeling a little better! And hope your interview went well this morning.
    You bring up a good point about paying to save the spot. Before I decided to stay home with the kids, I did just that – paid to keep the spot, even if they didn’t go. As a teacher, there were quite a few days the kids didn’t need to go. (We get lots of holidays…) I understood this, and was willing to pay.
    Anyway, there was one time where I had off and was going to send my young kids there for a little while so I could get some housecleaning done. I mean, I was paying for it. Why not use it? Well she wanted me to pay time and a half for it. (Similar to overtime or holiday pay). I was astonished, and pulled my kids soon after. What are your thoughts on this? Is it typical for home day care providers to charge extra if the parent has a day off, but sends their kids anyway? I just wonder if I was in the wrong… and it’s okay to tell me I was! 🙂

    • loll No you were not! That doesn’t make any sense at all! The parent pay for the spot so it’s their spot to use. What the parent do with the time is not of my business as long as I know what time they’ll drop and pick up their child! I don’t charge them when I am not open like for public holidays and if I take vacation.

      If you weren’t working for a whole summer maybe she sold your spot to someone else while you were still paying for it and weren’t happy to see you show up with you children cause she would then have to many. Weird

      Anyhow she was totally wrong with this. I would have tried to find a “summer client” like a school age child to fill your spot so you wouldn’t have to pay for it for the summer.

  2. Yes, good to hear you are feeling better! I feel your pain! My wife did childcare for a few years while the boys were toddlers and experienced the same thing. I am sure the stress doesn’t help! Good Luck!

    • Thanks! Yes it’s stressful to have to deal with that kind of stuff but on the other end since I am my own Boss I set the rules so I just have to be patient and hopefully I will find the right kind of clients 🙂

  3. I hope things go better for you in your job! Don’t get discouraged! 🙂 Yes… keep counting your blessings! Hugs!

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