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It’s been a while since I wrote something here…

I haven’t done my work out since Monday. I haven’t logged my food either but I didn’t go crazy and kept on eating healthy anyway.

I didn’t weigh myself at all this week so I don’t really know how I am doing with the numbers.

At the moment I am going through some family issues that occupy my mind fully except when I can fall asleep and I can’t seems to be be able to make place for my “weight loss project”. Of course on time like this TOM is always around which doesn’t help with energy and mood. I will do my best to recover and get back on exercise this weekend.  I also want to share some of the drawings that I have been doing but I don’t know when I will be able to take the time to do it.

I am sorry that I am neglecting my blog and also my blogger friends at the moment. I will catch up with everything eventually but now I am overwhelmed with what’s going on in my life.


On goal!


I finally was on goal yesterday! Yay! Did my work out this morning. My weight is down a little from yesterday. Everything is good!

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More stats

Morning work-out : Done

Yesterday’s goal: over

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Carrot muffin

Morning work-out: check

Logging food for yesterday: check

On goal yesterday: not really


I had a gain this morning or a fluctuation of 0.5 kilo/1 pound but it’s ok I know that yesterday I made some muffins and the kids didn’t eat them so I did. Bad bad me! Thank god I only made 6 and gave 2 to hubby and daughter had 1/2 one but yes I ate 3 1/2 carrot and apple muffins! Not at once at least but throughout the day. They were very delicious but I told the kids they had carrot in them and maybe it’s why they didn’t want them even if they could not see carrot. Anyway I don,t have too much time this morning so have a good day!


Yesterday I managed to be close to my goal but over and since I woke up at around 1h30am and I was hungry and ate some cheese and bagel I ended up being way over my goal but it’s a start. I did my work out this morning before I could totally wake up and think how to get out of doing it.

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Back from Candy land

Last week I ac accidently tripped over some mini chocolate bars and felt off the wagon for a whole week of almost a week anyway from Halloween night until yesterday. See…husband was supposed to bring the left overs treats at his work for the staff room and forgot it Thursday and also Friday so it stayed here the whole weekend.

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The child inside me

I don’t have a nice little fitbit picture this morning because I ended up eating mini-chocolate bars and some chips yesterday. It wasn’t too bad during the day as I kept control over myself.

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