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The child inside me

I don’t have a nice little fitbit picture this morning because I ended up eating mini-chocolate bars and some chips yesterday. It wasn’t too bad during the day as I kept control over myself.


We had a good day in the daycare. We carved a pumpkin(I carved and they helped emptying it. We had spooky stories in the dark with our lighted pumpkin head. The kids were getting so exited and it doubled when the parent picked them up. They had a few treat after snack but the excitement was not really from sugar I think.

It’s not usually like this but it is now winter here. Everything is covered with a snow blanket that is there to stay. I don’t know why in our days they sale us costumes that are meant for Florida but lucky I though of getting daughter’s costume too big. We were able to fit it over her snow suit. It was –10 Celsius with a freezing wind on top of it. Me and husband went around the block with daughter who was so happy! I had to go up the stairs with her at every house because stairs and snow can be hazardous sometimes. We were tired when we got back home but it was good exercise.

Before we left trick-or-treating I left a big container of chips and candy outside the door with a sign saying “help yourself”. It was still as full when we got back! I brought everything inside so we could distribute ourselves to get rid of all that. Daughter was over the trick-or-treat part and was getting exited about giving stuff to kids. She sorted her candy collection and took what she doesn’t like on the give away pile. It was like another Halloween for her. She was watching in the window and I wasn’t allowed to open the door, it was her job. We started to give 1 chip and a few candies and ended up giving 5 chips and big handful of candies per kid. I don’t know if the weather made some stay home or I bought too much stuff but there is still some left. Husband will bring it for his work staff room so I can be in peace!

The not so fun part is that in the excitement I started to eat the chocolate bars that daughter didn’t like and some chips as well. I was kind of “I am allowed, it’s Halloween”. Somehow I had lost the adult somewhere down the street and my inner-child was making the decisions for me. I am not very proud of myself. I didn’t do the morning work out yesterday but I got the Halloween work out(I am not talking about the mouth work-out). The sad part is that I couldn’t made myself do it this morning either. I am tired(boring excuse I know). I will get myself back on track don’t worry. My mind is kind of weak because I seem to lose my good habits every time there is something not so “normal”. Something else to work on I guess…


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4 thoughts on “The child inside me

  1. Definitely not an easy holiday to get through. Luckily my kids don’t trick-or-treat anymore, and we don’t get trick-or-treaters, so no bowls of candy for us. But in years past, I’d sort through their bowls for the candy I like, and eat more than my fair share.
    I understand about being tired, although after 5 days of being off, I’m pretty well rested now. 🙂 Don’t beat yourself up. Try to get lotsa movement in today, and get back at it tomorrow. You’ll be glad you did!

  2. You’ll get back at it… although I am sure you already did! You got it! 🙂 … plus… being so cold … your body does burn more calories to keep you warm 🙂 so… get outside and stand in the cold! LOL! Just kidding! Stop! Don’t do it! We don’t want you to get sick! 🙂 but the calorie burning thing is true though! I miss cold weather so much! I miss Wisconsin!

    • loll I am getting back at it righ today! Thanks for cheering me up and make me stand in the cold 😉 Just kidding, but I could use some Texas right now because we are covered with snow and even if it’s fun for some things, it make going outside harder 🙂

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