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Back from Candy land

Last week I ac accidently tripped over some mini chocolate bars and felt off the wagon for a whole week of almost a week anyway from Halloween night until yesterday. See…husband was supposed to bring the left overs treats at his work for the staff room and forgot it Thursday and also Friday so it stayed here the whole weekend.


I will admit that I was out of control! While I was eating that junk I was telling myself, lets finish it so I cannot eat anymore of it! How ridiculous is that? I didn’t finish it but there is a lot less available and I made sure hubby put the bag of left over treats in his car so it would go for sure. Of course I helped daughter with her treat collection as well and there is mainly lollipops left which I don’t care for.

It’s almost like a drug and once you had a treat or two and you past the point of no-return and you only want more and more. It’s like “I better eat heaps of it because I will have to stop and get back on track but for now I might as well have as much as I can”,just like if it was the last time in my life that I was going to taste those(which wouldn’t be such a bad thing!)

I didn’t work out much last week either, I was lazy and at some point, I don’t know what happened but my back was killing me. I felt better when I woke up this morning so I did the work out finally!

The balance board showed me 73.9 kilos/162.6 pounds this morning which isn’t too bad considering the splurging. I took 1 pound and lets hope it’s not worst tomorrow. Anyway my mini-goal for now would be to get that energy that I think I had like a month ago because I was working out every morning(week days). Of course I am not able to walk outside as much because I look after 3 children now but if I could keep up the morning work-out it would be great.

So today is my attempt to get back to healthy living(again). I have to log my food otherwise it’s like walking with my eyes closed.

Have a good Monday!


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4 thoughts on “Back from Candy land

  1. It’s SO easy to fall off the wagon of food control. Dust yourself off… clean out the bad stuff… and get back on track. Been there!

  2. You left the lollipops? Those are my favorite! In fact, I’m eatin’ one now. 🙂
    I know what you mean about wanting to eat heaps of it, knowing you have to get back on track the next day. I did the same thing while losing, and I STILL lost overall. It won’t hurt you too much. It’s only when those kind of splurges continue on day after day after day.
    Here’s to a great week of exercising and eating right! You can do it! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the nice comment, I am getting back on track, food and work out too!:-)

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