Towards Healthy Life

One little thing at the time

Carrot muffin

Morning work-out: check

Logging food for yesterday: check

On goal yesterday: not really


I had a gain this morning or a fluctuation of 0.5 kilo/1 pound but it’s ok I know that yesterday I made some muffins and the kids didn’t eat them so I did. Bad bad me! Thank god I only made 6 and gave 2 to hubby and daughter had 1/2 one but yes I ate 3 1/2 carrot and apple muffins! Not at once at least but throughout the day. They were very delicious but I told the kids they had carrot in them and maybe it’s why they didn’t want them even if they could not see carrot. Anyway I don,t have too much time this morning so have a good day!


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6 thoughts on “Carrot muffin

  1. Sending them out the door is always the best option! It’s dangerous to leave good food around with ME in the house ALONE. ha ha

  2. That’s exactly why I don’t allow my cupcakes to sit around at home. I bring them to work and make others finish them off.
    I suppose there are worse things to eat than carrot and apple muffins. Good you got your workout in!

  3. Jason Atkinson on said:

    I am glad to be a part of your accountability team. What technology are you using to track your daily and weekly progress?

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