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More stats

Morning work-out : Done

Yesterday’s goal: over


Weigh: Down from .08 kilo/1.8 pounds (the batteries in the board probably needs to be change)


I didn’t have a very good night of sleep, had to take my asthma spray before bed. I was so tired this morning that I gave myself an extra 1/2 hour of sleep. I had a head ache that has been taken care of with my magic pills and I finished my work out even if I had to stop to take another shot of the asthma spay. I am still tired but better now. I cannot seem to be on goal. Yesterday I managed to leave the rest of the muffins there for today so I won’t make any today and they will be gone soon. I wish I could take a self-control pill sometimes.

I think I have been trying to make lunch that the children are more likely to eat and it might not be good for my food goal. It was easy to make myself a different meal when I only had daughter to look after.

I went to my second drawing class on Tuesday and I love it but it’s a bit of a brain cracker to re-learn to see everything differently so you can go from 3D to 2D. The first class was easier. I had to leave before the end of the class this time so I have more homework than everyone else. After all those year I still don’t like homework loll. I tried to do some while the kids were sleeping yesterday but I was kind of tired and doing in the dark was not easy so I will try again today maybe. I like it when I draw but the tricky part is to find the time to do it or I should say some quiet time alone.

Have a good day!


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4 thoughts on “More stats

  1. Self Control Pills would be awesome! LOL! You did great! And your drawing class sounds very interesting!

  2. Pat yourself on the back for getting your workout in despite all the reasons you had NOT to do it. And it’s not like you went way over your goal. I think you’re doing great!
    Maybe you could share some of your art work sometime???

    • lol for the “artwork” it looks more like a try at artwork, I have only done my hand and a camel sculpture as a still life. I can share it if I find the time. I almost forgot, they made us do a self-portrait in front of a mirror! Can you imagine! I did it in with my webcam in the dark while the kids were napping and even if it looked like a weird person, it certainly did not look like me at all loll. Hopefully I will manage to get my drawing home-work done. Thanks for the pat on the back 🙂

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