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On goal!


I finally was on goal yesterday! Yay! Did my work out this morning. My weight is down a little from yesterday. Everything is good!


My highest weight this week was 74.1 kilos/163 pounds and today I am at 73.2 kilos/161 pounds. The week end is almost here so I might not keep that up but I am very happy anyway. I am even happier about having done my morning work out every day this week.

I even put on one of the new t-shirt that I bought 2 weeks ago. I didn’t really wanted to wear it because it felt a little too tight but today it doesn’t seems to tight so it’s another proof that everything is working fine. I need those kind of proof because sometimes I almost think that all the weight lost was just a dream. I guess in my head I am still at 208 pounds.

Today it’s our last day of “princess week” at my daycare so we will head in the snow this morning to make castles. I have done spray bottles full of pink water to paint out frozen creation so it should be fun!!

Have a good weekend!


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2 thoughts on “On goal!

  1. Yay!! 2 pounds lost and a workout everyday! You rocked this week!
    The parents of your daycare kids must be thrilled to have you as their caretaker. I wish I’d had someone like you to watch my kids while they were little. I wasn’t happy with any of my day care people.
    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Thanks! I am very proud of myself. I sure hope my parent-client are happy and feel safe as well because I can understand it must be hard to leave your children to someone else. It’s probably impossible to find someone who would do things as you would do it and it’s part of the reason I decided to have a daycare, to look after my own child myself. 🙂

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