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For 2013…I am hoping

I hope everyone had a good tie throughout the holidays. I didn’t post for ages and don’t know where to re-start…

I have been struggling with something I cannot really control but that is in my life anyway and I am starting to cope better and maybe accept a little, just a little because me being a control freak confronted to a problem I cannot control has been very hard on me.

So our holidays was going to be very quiet just the 3 of us at the other end of the world from hubby’s family and at the other end of the country from my family in eastern Canada. You probably wonder why we are living away from everybody and I also wondered about it a lot through the holidays…

On the Thursday before the Christmas break I shuffled and hurt my back, just a bit like usual and I was ok after but Friday morning I got up. I should say that I tried to get up and had to hold on to every wall and everything on my way to the kitchen with horrible pain in my back. I still managed to work that day. It was our daycare Christmas party, I had presents for the kids and surprises and didn’t want them to miss out. Oh my I suffered but I didn’t know at that point that it wasn’t the worst. Saturday I was so bad that I could hardly walk and my obligated trip to the bathroom was a real challenge as Hubby was at work. Thank God I had my sweet 5 year-old angel getting for me everything I needed. So I spent 3 days trying to walk when hubby caught a really bad cold.

Our Christmas dinner was vegetable soup and I felt so thankful to at least have something to eat. Then my daughter got even sicker than husband…I felt so helpless, handicapped. I had so much trouble looking after my own daughter. It was a rough time then of course when I was finally able to move around with my new cane I got sick too…

We ended up at the emergency room, daughter and I got antibiotics for chest infections and I also got pills for my back. Apparently I pinched a nerve…Of course back pain(big horrible back pain) , cough and sneeze don’t go well together. Ouch!!!! I didn’t know that it was possible but I have learned to control it and stop it from happening. Almost all of it.

So when the shops were finally opened I went to the chiropractor for three days in a row and I am still going this week. Thank God it worked and hopefully I will be able to start my daycare next Monday. I am still carrying my cane around(it makes me feel like an old woman, hopefully I won’t need it until it becomes an extension of my arm) and being extra careful but I was able to vacuum and clean up that 2-weeks of mess today. Hubby was in his job’s busiest time of the year while all this was going on so he wasn’t much of a house keeper. The house looked like someone had poured stuff all over any flat surface possible followed buy a hurricane.

My hope for this year would be:

– No more (big)bad surprises in my life.

– To have my back back so I can exercise again(I had a shock today before my shower. It’s all looking like I took a few pounds of jelly stuff.

-To go back on track soon with no more cookies chocolate and “poor me” stuffing my mouth with fatty food.

-To be able to do what I have to do without having constantly to ask hubby to carry something for me.(my back again)

-No more flu or cold please or at least only one bad thing at the time.

-To see my family

-To reach my weight goal.

There is some of this wish list that I can have some sort of control over so there is hope for some of my hopes and the rest is in other hands.

Ironically our family Christmas present was a tread-mill this year(my pick) and I still have trouble to walk so it’s kind of funny when you think about it. It’s still in the garage… I was hoping that hubby might decide to have a walk if he could watch TV in the same time and that I could use it as well.

I don’t really feel ready to attack the second part of school year with the taekwondo 2 times a week but I guess I will just have to take it 1 day at the time until it finishes. I don’t know where some parents take their energy from because I know some who have something every night!

I am definitely not on track or even see the the track right now but I think I am back on my blog and it always helped! Thanks to my good friends who stock around waiting for me(you will recognise yourselves)! Your friendship is priceless!

I almost forgot, it has been more than a year since I am trying to find a healthier me while blogging. I started Nov.25 2011…I cannot believe I am still there having a go at it. Not bad, not bad at all. I mean I still didn’t give up Winking smile


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13 thoughts on “For 2013…I am hoping

  1. It’s so lovely to ‘see’ you! What a crazy time you have had, I do wish for you wonderful health and motivation for 2013! Back pain is so awful, I’m very impressed that you’re looking forward and making plans.

    • Thank you Sandi! I feel so much better compare to last week so it lifted my spirit up. :-)I am back in my own bed which helps as weel. I had to move in my daughter’s ikea bed(with a roof kind of) so I use the wooden roof frame to pull myself up to get out of bed otherwise I would have been stock in my bed loll I am looking forward to catch up on your blog and others as well!

  2. I have missed you.
    I thought my holidays were awful with illnesses and the death of my father-in-law. Seems I wasn’t the only one. So sorry to hear your year didn’t start off any better than mine.
    BUT, you are back, and I am extremely happy to see you trying to get back to “normal”. I think you said it well – you can’t control some of the things that are happening in your life, but you CAN control other things – like your health. Take it slow. Ease back into it. And know that you have some great friends out here who are concerned not only about your health, but about YOU.
    So good to see you again, THL. Best wishes for a happy, fulfilling, peaceful New Year.

  3. I’ve been wanting to see THIS post for so long! I think I stopped by your blog every single day while you were gone! Just wishing you were here! And now you are! It’s great to have you back! I am sorry for the bad things you went through and I do hope you can reach all of your goals this year (even those you can’t control) … A treadmill is such a great gift! I sooo want one! And a rowing

    • oops… I clicked on “post comment” before I was done… so… I also want a rowing machine… but they sure are expensive! And I don’t have any space in our apartment anyway! 🙂

      • Yes rowing look like such a work out! loll I just wrote that but yes they are so huge, mine is suppose to be foldable but I am not kidding myself, I probably won’t be folding it anyway loll I didn’t know what to buy because I only tried one at an hotel once so I got one with a fan, different programs. Hope it will be alright and not too noisy.

    • Yes I really wasn’t in the mood before yesterday. I don’t know why I suddenly felt like it and it’s for the best! I needed to vent… I just have to convince hubby to put the tread-mill in the living room because I know this where it needs to be to be used the most! I wish those machines weren’t as big but I am so not a Gym person and don’t like to be looked at when I work out so it should come in handy. You have access to a gym in your complex don”t you? Of course at home you would have a chance to go on it while the girl could play by your side. Happy new year TL hope the best for you and family! 🙂

  4. It’s good to have you BACK! 🙂

    So – let’s kick some butt in 2013, hey!

  5. I am sorry your year ended and began so poorly. But don’t get so hard on yourself. As for activities every night, if it doesn’t feel right don’t do it. It isn’t healthy for you or the kids and it doesn’t make them smarter, better or anything else. Take care of yourself. You will get there. I think this December was hard on everyone. I had some issues to deal with myself, as did many others I talked to. So take care of yourself, and just take baby steps. You’ll reach your goals

    • I will still give taekwondo a go because it felt important to me that my daughter have some sort of self defence and do some kind of exercise but I won’t worry about skipping a class or 2 if I feel like I need to stay at home. It’s so true that december has made everybody sick around here but it seems to be the case everywhere on wordpress as well. I love baby steps, such a good way to get to where you want to be without getting overwhelmed. Thanks for your kind words, it’s appreciated. I am looking at 2013 with a positive mind 🙂

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