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I wasn’t not expecting this at all. I got myself to step on the board at 6h30am this morning and guess what? Since the last time I weighed myself(in November) I took 0.2 kilos?!?! About 0.4 pound…I am still stunned by this news as I was expecting 10 pounds at least.

It kind of says how much muscles I lost because my new pants that were kind of loose are now tighter and as I said yesterday my butt as changed back a little to what it was before. I don’t really know how much muscles I have lost(this is when I would use the fit bit scale if I would have it) but it’s very surprising to know that they were responsible for my body getting slimmer and more defined. I remember that it took like a month od exercise and dieting in September to finally see the scale go down so all this time my body was building muscles I guess…I am starting work this morning which means there should be some stairs climbing to my daily routine from now on…one little thing at the time.

The tread-mill is still in the garage for now, I am giving hubby a short break loll

I am going to start logging my food again but I don’t know if I should charge my fit bit and wear it because I won’t be moving as much as I used to and I don’t want it to discourage me. I got to log onto myfitnesspal now…Have a good day!


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6 thoughts on “Surprise!!!

  1. Great news that the scale didn’t show a gain – of much anyway! How brave of you to step on today, but it’s what you needed to do to get back on track!
    I can vouch for how quickly muscle toning can go away. But getting them back should be a little easier this time around. Just be ready for some soreness. :/
    Glad to see you getting back to a routine. Let us know when you finally convince your hubby to bring the treadmill in. lol

  2. That’s great news… even when you lost muscle… what’s amazing is that… when we were obese… we were obese just from the fat… can you imagine? I mean… all that weight was fat… not toned muscle… now you’re much lighter… even if you did lose muscle as you have said… you’re far from what you were in the beginning! Good job!!!

  3. Have a great first day! 🙂

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