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Bad timing

Yesterday I realised that the week was going to be harder than I though because by back was hurting more than expected. With the usual bad timing TOM then decided to knock at the door.

I know some women get a little grumpy before TOM shows up but for me the grumpiness always comes right with it. I am so cranky today that I almost gave myself a time out. The kids seems to have taken the opportunity to act  badly. They are probably thinking “she is grumpy anyway we might as well do what we are not suppose to” loll.

They are sleeping right now…. …. …it’s so peacefulSmile . Having a day home is not always easy, today it’s a hard day.

I am having trouble with a 31/2 year old who sometimes refuse to listen to me. I always teach the kids not to eat things they find outside unless I say it’s ok. So the little girl has always been eating snow like if it was ice cream, no matter what I could say she would still do it. Today she came to me  showing a piece of ice full of pieces of old leaves and dirt stock inside it. She was happy she found it, which is great but then she goes away and start eating it?!? She is definitely old enough to understand not to eat dirt. I gave her a time-out and explained why. After she got up she just walked away and started to eat snow again. I though ok, maybe I need to make a point of it since she doesn’t seem to make the difference between clean snow or anything else she finds. So after about 5 time-outs in row with her saying sorry while getting up and  starting putting stuff that she finds in her mouth I just gave up. She ate snow, dirty ice blocks that she founds on the ground, probably some with leaves in it as well.

Later after lunch, they played a little so when it was clean-up time she refuse to stop playing so she got another time-out. I made her sit against the wall near the kitchen table. There was  a piece of food that I missed under the table so she picked it and ate it. I then explained to her not to do it and why so she reached and picked another one?!?  I made sure there was none left after that…I know that she is a very smart girl and I just thought that maybe her Mom needs to do a little teaching as well so I will try to talk with her, maybe that kind of stuff doesn’t bother her but I cannot have the others pick that up from her and eat what ever they find, it could be dangerous. What will it be next summer , is she going to stuff her mouth with the mushrooms that grows on the grass?

My hormones are probably making me over reacting but I cannot wait for the week to end. I can’t believe I am saying that! Bloody TOM go away!

To change the subject, I did ok with my food intake yesterday, almost reaching        10 000 steps without even thinking about it or going for a walk! Smile





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7 thoughts on “Bad timing

  1. Now you know, why after teaching school for 6 years total, and staying home to raise 4 kids, I now work in a hotel. No kids. 🙂 Best of luck with the smart?!? girl. lol
    Nice job on eating and walking. Amazing how many steps you can take in one day. Maybe it was all those trips to the time out chair.
    Sorry to hear about TOM. He always picks the worst time to arrive.

  2. Ah! the hormones! Aren’t they great??? LOL! They can turn us into monsters or weeping messes! As long as we don’t bury ourselves in food, that’s ok! 🙂

    Sorry about the kids acting up… and the dirt eating girl! LOL … why!??? Why do they do such crazy things?

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