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Finding positive energy

I just wrote a really negative post today and I just remembered that yesterday I asked hubby to take photos of me and take my measurements as well to update my page. There is a real difference from 8 months ago in April. I was weighing around 175 pounds/79.2 kilos and now I am around 132 pounds/73.2 kilos.

I should update this page more often to see things in perspective instead of the usual daily look I take. I am just trying to see more positive than earlier today…


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6 thoughts on “Finding positive energy

  1. Wow! You REALLY have come a long way!
    I love how you try to always try to find a positive thought to go along with a negative one. Sometimes you have to force a positive thought, but when you do… it usually makes you feel more positive.
    Hope your back gets better soon, and keep thinking about how far you’ve come. You’re doing great!

  2. That is great! Congrats. Way to look for the positives, it is sometimes hard to do

  3. I loved it that you gave us a photo-update! That’s awesome! You can really tell the difference! Great job!

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