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Where is my spirit gone

I had an attempt at getting back on track and I was ok for the first part of the week. Starting from Thursday I logged my food until lunch time than oupsy it ended there. We are now Sunday… TOM is gone thank goodness and I will be giving it another try tomorrow …

My back hurts still and I am getting worried that I will ever get back to my old self. I know I am not being very patient because it was my first week back to work but it’s the week end, I am not working and it hurts. It could be from grocery shopping,vacuuming and other cleaning yesterday but if I cannot do this kind of work it means I cannot do my job because I need to have food and clean the place in order to have a home daycare.

I already took 2 appointment at the Chiropractor to make sure I would get the time that I want. Last week the time they gave me was way to late for me and daughter.

The treadmill is still in the garage packed in its own box… I am not pushing it right now. I could probably walk 5 minutes per day to start with but I wonder if it would get me stronger or just weaken my back…

It’s like all I do is complaining lately, so sick of it…

I am kind of getting worried that I will have to stop working again and that we wouldn’t be able to pay the mortgage…we are not there yet but I always imagine the worst somehow…I know it’s not good to do that but trust me if I could imagine only the best I would for sure.


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2 thoughts on “Where is my spirit gone

  1. You’ve had a rough couple of months. You have a right to complain. And who better to complain to than your blog friends who can understand all you’re going through. (And who really don’t have to “hear” it… ) lol. kidding of course.
    My advice – do whatever you need to do to get your back better, so that you FEEL better. Once you feel better, you’ll be more apt to get back in a routine.
    I’m gonna head over now to your newest post about finding positive energy. 🙂

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