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Mind set

No I am not dead! loll Or maybe I am and get back to life every now and then because this blog is like a ghost blog.

I know I said I was back at it in January but it seems like I cannot set my mind to post consistently just like I cannot set my mind to log my food intake…

I weighed myself Sunday and I took 0.2 kilos which is not too bad for that long I guess. My thread mill is still in the garage but not hubby’s fault because he hardly got a day off since December started.

For all those times that I hated working out now that I cannot do too much I really miss it and it doesn’t help with getting back on track with my food. There we go, I just found the perfect excuse loll for my lack of control and discipline…

I am behind reading the blogs I follow as well and I feel like I have nothing to say because I am not doing anything towards my weigh loss goal. I feel ashamed as well so it could be why I don’t show my face around here too much.

I am busy with my home daycare and trying to gather everything I need to do my tax return. I hate tax time and our last tax person wasn’t so good so we might try to do it ourselves this year…YUK!


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