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Mind set

No I am not dead! loll Or maybe I am and get back to life every now and then because this blog is like a ghost blog.

I know I said I was back at it in January but it seems like I cannot set my mind to post consistently just like I cannot set my mind to log my food intake…

I weighed myself Sunday and I took 0.2 kilos which is not too bad for that long I guess. My thread mill is still in the garage but not hubby’s fault because he hardly got a day off since December started.

For all those times that I hated working out now that I cannot do too much I really miss it and it doesn’t help with getting back on track with my food. There we go, I just found the perfect excuse loll for my lack of control and discipline…

I am behind reading the blogs I follow as well and I feel like I have nothing to say because I am not doing anything towards my weigh loss goal. I feel ashamed as well so it could be why I don’t show my face around here too much.

I am busy with my home daycare and trying to gather everything I need to do my tax return. I hate tax time and our last tax person wasn’t so good so we might try to do it ourselves this year…YUK!


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13 thoughts on “Mind set

  1. I know how you feel! Lets get back on track one day at a time;) one healthy decision at a time;)

  2. Oh please don’t feel ashamed. My own posting has been a bit more sporadic as have been my efforts to be healthier, I think we will all go through those kinds of phases! This isn’t something to feel embarrassed about, when you do comment on my blog I always feel supported and I hope you know that you are supported too. If you disappear for a time to look after real life, it’s perfectly acceptable! I hope that your back is feeling strong?

  3. Don’t punish yourself. Sometimes in life it is hard to stay focused and keep up with everything. Do what you can, and that is all you can ask. Remember it is a journey, not a destination.

  4. I agree with Sandi and Melissa. You shouldn’t feel ashamed about not keeping up with your posts, or even your efforts to be healthy. You have a LOT going on in your life right now, and your priorities have changed a little in the recent months.
    Perhaps it’s comforting to know that we’re out here and available for virtual support – whether it be for your diet program or your life in general. So keep checking in every once in a while, and for goodness sake, don’t feel pressured to keep up with our blogs…. I, for one, totally understand.
    Good luck with your taxes. “YUK” is right! 😉

    • Thank you friend, things are so different now that I am working, I kind of had it easy before when I could focus only on my daughter and my weight loss. Now it’s harder but I should not stress so much 🙂

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