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I am having such a weird day filled with annoying emotions…

This morning my daughter did not want to go to pre-school and was whining and I had to help her put her snow suit on while she was complaining and crying not to go. When she was finally ready husband tells me from upstairs that he won’t be able to drive her today because ha has to go to work early! @#$$%&?%$#??$#?#@!!!

So she was kind of happy about it !

All morning at every step of the day and everything I would propose or ask  she would whine, have a fake cry fit etc. So when we came back from outside where I tried to talk some sense to her so I could start having a better day she started again…so after time outs…still whining…I cracked it! I wanted to scream! She sure knows how to push the right button and made me wish that she was at school. I went in the bedroom to calm down and after I took her upstairs and put all her favourite toys away and told her she could have them back one at the time if she started to act properly.

Now I feel like a monster…I know it’s hard for her to do the difference between being home or being in the day care at home. She is only 5 years old but I couldn’t not hear one more minute of her whining. I felt miserable and now I am wondering if I just took revenge or proper actions to correct her behaviour.

I feel so easy to irritate and when it happens  the children seems  louder and naughtier than usual so normally I am careful because I know that it might only be  my perceptions of things but today it was really hard to put everything on the count of my emotions.

The Mommy guilt just hopes I haven’t been too hard on my little one…cuppa

Dear latté, you are always there when I need to wake up, calm down, relax etc. Thanks for all the comfort you provide me! Winking smile

Thanks to all my blogger friends as well who are still there to support me! You are amazing and I appreciate every comments!


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