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I don’t know if you remember but a while ago I took a drawing class. It was late and tiring but I loved it. It only lasted 5 weeks but for once in my Mom life I took some time to go there and also to do my “homework”, something that was only for me.

So here are a few drawings that I said I would share and then forgot about it until today.

This is a view of my house, I drew it from a photo and did it by sale and almost drove myself crazy with trying t have it exactly the same…


A camel statue was posing for me(first homework)


My kitchen table…


A fruit we had to bring in class and of course mine was wounded when I got there…


Some basket of fruit that I had put together, for some reason we were given a view finder(a mini empty picture frame) and were ask to do the drawing the same size but I wasn’t able to do that and always ended taking the whole page…


This is my last and favourite one(my coffee maker) that I did from a photo. We had take pictures of it and crop to find the best composition and then draw it.


Here is a painting I did like 7 years ago from a black and white photo in a tourist book about Australian aboriginal.


The person is not too bad but I don’t lie the back ground.

This last one I did last year not really knowing what I was doing, my husband (and daughter of course) have some aboriginal blood so I was inspired by aboriginal dot painting.


I just wanted to show this side of my personality and am not pretending to be an artist.  I just like art and doing it makes me feel good(most of the time) but it sometimes makes me feel bad when I am not happy with it loll  Any time drawing, painting is a little moment away inside my own world that I used to visit more often a long time ago Smile

For the part of my journey that is about health, I am still off the wagon. I temporarily lost my Fit bit somewhere in this house(crazy right?) and I settle the treadmill argument by asking hubby to help me put it in the bedroom downstairs where 2 child nap in the afternoon. I thought there wouldn’t be any danger if the key wasn’t there, for those who own a treadmill is it safe for the kids with no key on it?


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7 thoughts on “A side of me

  1. I love seeing this side of you! Your drawings and paintings are phenomenal! I am so glad you shared them!
    Part of a healthy lifestyle is mental health, so it’s okay to be working on that. You’ll know when you’re ready to start the physical part again.
    Your treadmill should be safe for the kids without the key in. As long as they don’t use it as a jungle gym!

    • Thank you! It could act as a therapy actually lol
      No kids allowed on it but I just wanted to check see if it would be safe just in case, you never know what can happen with them!
      I think walking on the treadmill will help taking some leg pain away because when I happen to do the grocery shopping I am not as sore so it might help to make my body and my mind feel better. I cannot wait to try it, I even have a shelf to put my computer so I can watch something if the monster is not to noisy of course. 🙂

      • It makes sense that walking (or shopping) would make it feel better! Loosens it up! 🙂
        Does your computer have a headphone jack? That might help if your treadmill IS too noisy.

      • Yes it does! That’s such a good idea because my laptop speakers are not that powerful so it’s more likely that I will need to use headphones 🙂
        It’s funny because for once I don’t want to exercise only to lose weight but more to feel better lol

      • Feeling better is a great motivator! It’s made me change some of the things I used to do (or NOT do).

  2. Thank you for sharing! You are talented! I love the dot paint!!! WOW! Love it love it! 😉 Keep them coming! 🙂

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