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Gadget temptation


Finally I did alright with my food intake yesterday.

I was supposed to weigh myself this morning but we had a new TV cabinet this weekend and had to unplug everything and plug it back. Hubby said the Wii is not working ad he doesn’t know why so it will probably go to the week end before I can step on the balance board.

All the sudden the Aria scale from fitbit seems very appealing. It measures the body fat % as well so it can come in handy when you are building muscles and the scale don’t go down…and it sync with the fitbit so you don’t need to log any numbers. Just another gadget that is not necessary of course…


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11 thoughts on “Gadget temptation

  1. ooooh! That scale does sound GREAT! 🙂 Good job with your calorie intake!

  2. I must be old fashioned – I just use a common bathroom scale. That said, it IS a funky digital one 🙂

    All it ever needs is a dust, an occasional clean, and new batteries every so often. Easy peasy!

  3. You can also get a body fat/muscle scale at target for only 40$;) I have the fitbit too and that thing is great, but the aria is just to expensive in my opinion;)

  4. I like the body fat scale idea! And perhaps you can find a similar version at a cheaper price like losingweightonedayatatime said.
    Congratulations on meeting your calorie goal, but sorry to hear about your wii! I hope it’s an easy fix!

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