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We are now half way through the week, sorry if I sound a little depressing but it feels like a whole month. I had a migraine yesterday and still trying to get rid of that damned cold. Yesterday I ended up way over my goal and didn’t exercise because I was not feeling very good.

I don’t know if it’s be cause the winter started at the end of October but I am desperate for spring and summer to get some energy back. I wouldn’t  mind being a bear if I could sleep for the whole winter lol.

Is there anyone who could send me some canned summer?

Here are my shameful stats lol


Hoping to do better today Smile


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5 thoughts on “Half-week

  1. Canned summer. What an idea! 🙂 Perhaps Sandy can share some of hers….
    Winter is hard on everyone. Just keep trudging along. Blue skies and warm weather are just around the corner. (Or so I’m letting myself to believe.)

  2. Sorry you’re not having such “bright days” a long winter can do that to you! I hope you have your summer days soon! 🙂

  3. You’ll get there. If you’re logging everything that’s the first step. Then break it down and figure out the problem areas.

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