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She’s alive!!!

Well first of all I am not dead… secondly I have been over eating through the holidays because… I am not sure but it could have something to do with the fact that I am so far from my family and I miss them and I would like to move back there but it looks like it won’t be for now. It could also be because I love pastry and chocolate… Probably as something to do with all the stress I had since this summer not knowing if my husband would still have a job, if he was going to accept another offer back home and we would move back there and would have to sale the house…

Before our vacation which was in September I weighed myself and I was still the same, around 74 kilos, I could not believe it! Considering that early 2013 I could hardly walk due to my back problems and after all that time  without thinking about my weight, calorie tracking, stepping on the scale and not working out either. I was shocked! However when my back felt better I was always outside with the kids and we would do lots of walks or mini walking trip to different playground having snack there.

So for our vacation we went back home for a month and I just wished I could be back there for good. By the sea, family around, less materialist life and property cost at a price where it still make sense.

When I came back here all the stress from mortgage and other exorbitant cost of life crawled back on me. The snow came along with Halloween to stay so that was the end of outside fun for us because I now care for 3 kids under 2 years old and it means they cannot move much once they are dressed up for snow play. Last year it was different because I had a pre-school group.

So all of it is my excuse for putting on about 4-5 kilos in just a few months. Emotions, stress, a lack of exercise and lots of baked goods over the Christmas period.

2 days ago after weighing myself and feeling bit of me that had been gone for a while and were back on my body , I charged my old fitbit and started to log my food again. It is actually not too bad but my real difficulty will be to get up earlier to exercise. I work a 10 hour shift with my home day care and around here the sun gets up after 8h30 and set at 4h30 so my energy is kinda low at the moment and morning always feels like the middle of the night even when I sleep in until 8am in the weekend.

So my wake up weigh in was at 78.8 kilos which would be 175 pounds

I forgot to step on the board this morning, lost the habit I guess so even if I have tried to cut back the calories I don’t know if it did anything for now. It’s crazy like a habit (calorie wise food choice) who used to be  like a second nature can be hard to re-learn. I had to go back on my fitness pal to have a look at what I used to eat back then and I think skipping starch for one meal or 2 and making sure I get real meat at meals( not a few bits lost in a sea of pasta or rice) could be the key for me.

I know this blog and my old “blog friends” have been the key in my weight loss journey before so I will try to also get back to it and re-connect with some people who went or are going through similar things.

So this is not a new year resolution but a trial for a bran new start. Somehow I feel scared to press “publish” for some weird reason, probably cause I will have to keep my word!


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