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Going to bed hungry…

…definitely not for me!

So yesterday night and the night before I had to get out of bed and eat something so that I was not hungry anymore, just enough so I could sleep. It brought my calorie goal to high but it doesn’t matter, my stomach needs time to shrink back to normal because I have been stretching it lately and its used to so much more food. Even over my goal it is still a big improvement from what it was last week anyway.

This morning I got up at 5h30 am and did my small work out. It is the fourth day in a raw that I am working out. My body hurts a little and my breakfast taste unbelievably good because I am starving!

The scale said 77.3 kilos/170.1 pounds

Ok there is a loss of like 4 pounds from 78.1 kilos/175 pounds but lets not get to exited because the other time that I weighed myself it was late afternoon so there is already 1 kilo of difference from then to morning. I think I wanted the worst picture ever so that it would make improvement easier lol

Time flows so fast, by the time I made my coffee and done my exercises(20 min.) 45 minutes went past ?? Now I have to get moving, get daughter up, brush her hair(I hate that and so does she), try to make her eat something and get her dress then my client will be already here…Maybe I should get at 5ham or I should not go to bed at all…

Happy Monday if there is such a thing!


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2 thoughts on “Going to bed hungry…

  1. It’s always so hard to get past the first few days of getting back on track. I’m glad you don’t let yourself go hungry though. That just leads to binge eating down the road. Losing weight is more about eating the right kinds of food in moderate amounts. Not starving yourself.
    Congrats on waking early to get your exercise in! In the long run, you’ll find you have more energy because you do that. Believe me. I am proof. I was just like you!
    Have I mentioned it’s so good to have you back??

    • Well I have been eating heaps more fruit and veggies and tried to cut down or keep control over the starsh stuff and been eating more meat. Just that is an improvement for health.
      I am gonna have to go by some meat and veggies because I will go back in my ways.

      I felt really good and proud this morning but I kinda hurt my back carrying toddlers this afternoon. They kinda double their weight when they are snow geared. Lets hope I will be fine tomorrow otherwise I will be angry and disappointed not to be able to go into my new project head first.

      Its good to be back and read your wise comments! Thank you

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