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Awesome first day and…

..not so great second day.

Lets start with the good stuff lol



So I was amazed by the amount of calories that I burned yesterday and I was feeling so good! I had heaps of energy even if I was lacking sleep until I hurt by back in the afternoon. When I went to bed my back was really sore. I chose not to exercise in the morning to take it easy on my back because I need it to work and live but I was not happy about not doing it.

This morning when the alarm went off I, the person who is too asleep to make wise decision but still thinks she has all her head, decided to reset both alarm clock for 30 minutes later instead of hitting snooze 20 times. So 1 hour later she wakes up by some miracle with 15 minutes to get herself and her daughter ready.

I hate those morning. I absolutely cannot be late because people will show up at my door anyway (have a home day care) and I will have to answer the door hiding in my bathrobe with the blanket printed of my face. This is why I have a battery alarm clock and an electric one too. Maybe I need another one on top of a shelf so high that I would have to climb on a chair to smack it.

So lets push the complaining further

  1. Sore back
  2. No work out
  3. Got up late
  4. The parcel that I was going to pick up tonight at the post shop is now under the snow because the roof just collapsed because there was about 4 feet of snow on the store’s flat roof( some people are just %#%?$#, a flat roof and snow don’t go together)
  5. Just had 2 timtams (decadent sip your coffee through it chocolate biscuits)

Now because I need it I will do as Berestain Bears Mamma would say and …

Count my blessings

  1. I just had 2 timtams and a a delicious latté
  2. The physical therapy clinic accepted to take me in tonight despite the short notice
  3. The kids are sleeping so I get to complain to you guys
  4. I have a beautiful family that I love
  5. I have great loyal blogging friends that are there for me
  6. I am able to make an acceptable income from my home
  7. I have food to eat, water to drink
  8. I can still walk
  9. I have a new computer not because I wanted one but because the old one died
  10. I just loaded windows writer and so much easier to write a post on it.
  11. And I could go on and on.. but that will do for now

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11 thoughts on “Awesome first day and…

  1. Hello friend! I am so happy you found a way to find great things to be thankful for regardless of the pain… a sore back is not fun! Keep us updated with that…

    Also… how did you manage to burn so many calories? I need the secret! It says you were very active for 0 minutes but yet you burned so many! Such a great job! Whatever it was! My stats for today (not over yet but… mostly… it’s 6:30 p.m. here) say that I have burnt 2360 calories and that I’ve been very active for 68 minutes and I’ve taken 14,494 steps… also… I am heavier… so that means I burn more calories… I am just shocked and at the same time happy for you… because I know how much each single calorie means! and that is AWESOME! Great job!

    • Yeah that is weird let me check it again…well today I did not work out and it said 4 very active minutes. I don’t understand or really care about those. The fitbit records the steps but also the floors you climb but also every movements you do even when you staying in place like cleaning or preparing food etc. I think maybe you are burning even more calories than you think 🙂
      I wanted to go back at my stats from last year to verify because it does sound like a lot now that you have said it but they don’t keep it…

      My physio therapist adviced against work out but I would not risk it anyway the way I feel right now, it totally sucks!

      • I say “trust what your Fitbit says” I totally would! I was just wondering if there’s something wrong with what I am doing … I know I didn’t stop yesterday… it was a busy day… and still I didn’t burn that much more… I use the fitbit flex now (that was my Christmas gift) and I feel like it counts more steps than my fitbit zip would… but I guess it detects more movements because it goes on my wrist? right? 🙂 so… I am just trying to understand how it all works… I know that when I eat over 1500 calories in a day (no matter how much I exercise) I actually gain weight… -sigh- so I was even wondering if the way you count calories is the same or if calories are measured the same where you are… I am just curious… but VERY happy for you! You have to be proud of getting back at it and I couldn’t be happier to see you back at blogging! You were so greatly missed!

      • I don’t know how yours work(mind is the ultra) if its the same or not. I wear mine on my bras so I don’t think it mistakes a arm movement for a step but still count the upper body moves as active or not active.
        At least you know that 1500 is your top calories, its so hard to figure it out. 🙂

      • yes, I still wear the other one (fit bit zip) on my bra (I am obsessive like that)… they both pretty much agree… 🙂 … so… I do trust their accuracy. 😀 … Yes it is good to know exactly what my limit of calories is… at least I can’t make excuses.

      • I just did the advance step on the wii fit plus and it says 4 min. 12 calories. I am curious how many calories yours says you burn for the same activity?
        I am just wondering because mine is so old and the technology should get better so yours should be more accurate I guess.

      • No… I think that’s about right… I didn’t mean to make you doubt of the accuracy of your calories… I just wanted to know if it’s the same way of measuring and/or what I could do to increase my calories… I must say that I am jealous of the calorie intake though! I do feel like I am left wanting more food! But I know we’re all different and what works for others doesn’t necessarily works for me.

      • I know that I never get many very active minutes even if I do a work out, but because of the children I look after, I kind of move constantly doing things for or with the kids and getting things upstairs etc. You probably do that too anyway because of your kids…anyway fitbit is kind of a mystery sometimes lol

      • I always get the “very active minutes” from my walk… just because it’s “all at once” but I am sure you are way more active than I am during the rest of the day.

  2. I’m SO sorry your back is bothering you again, so soon after you decided to get back into your routine. I know how frustrating that is! Hopefully your physio therapist will provide some relief for you!
    And I hate it when I oversleep! Seems like the whole rest of the day never comes together. Glad to know you didn’t have to answer the door in your pajamas though!
    Now get that back better, so you can start exercising again! 😉

    • I kind of know now, after thinking about it, because I had almost 2weeks break during the holidays, my back probably lost of its muscles and habit and then bang Monday all that toddler lifting hurt me. I will have to put exercise on hold for now 😦

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