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Why do we have to write a title anyway?

I felt very discouraged yesterday about my back and not being able to work out. Not that I like to wake up earlier but I do like my little routine on exerbeat and it makes me feel good about myself.

I am full of negative energy and have to make an effort to put up with myself. I will try maybe a slow walk on the tread mill since I have one and walking outside in the cold darkness in the snow is not my thing. Walking slowly shouldn’t hurt me too much! I just need to watch a show while I am doing it so I don’t get too bored.

I don’t know why but for me it is super hard to watch what I eat if I don’t get to work out, well probably because I can eat more when I am more active lol

So I will go look for yesterday’s stats…ok I am back and here it is…



Over the calories…but I ate timtams just to cope with my emotions yesterday and its the first time that I emotionally eat while being totally aware of it. Weird!

So my back is taped for the moment just to make me get a better posture and so that I am aware that when it pulls its a move I should do differently.

The kiddos are now waking up so see ya!


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2 thoughts on “Why do we have to write a title anyway?

  1. Why DO we need titles? Sometimes that’s the hardest part! 🙂
    I hope your slow walk was okay on your back, and I’m impressed you’re not using your back as an excuse to sleep in. Keep fighting through and hopefully you can get back into the full swing of things soon!

    • It felt a bit better by the end of the day and I did a few advanced step on wii fit instead and it felt ok. This morning its a bit stiff but as long as I find tricks to spair my back it should get better soon.

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