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So far I think I am doing better today but we will see that tomorrow. Finally I was able to weigh in which is one thing that used to keep me accountable and it did not move but I have been over my goal most of the time so I didn’t expect much anyway and no gain is not too bad. 77.3 kilos/170 pounds. so it’s show almost 1 kilo lost but since I weigh in in afternoon at first it’s hard to say if there is any change at all.

My back is feeling great today and it makes me want to exercise but I will ask my physical therapist tonight what I should do.

We are having such a weird weather at the moment its +7 with horrible strong wind and it’s melting our nice snow playground that we had made outside in the yard. I bet the weather guy is just waiting for us to smell spring to shoot a –30 at us.

My daughter seems to be happy to be back at taekwondo and she gave 110% last night. I am very proud of her! When I look at those other kids who don’t listen and run around like if nothing was happening it doubles the pride!

Half the week is done only 2 more days for the weekend(only for some of us unfortunately



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