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Good morning!

Wednesday I did really good with the food…I had like 500 cal left

Thursday not so good but…I was over by 250 cal…

I think some of the calories is because I took generic food to count my calories instead of taking the time to work it out myself but you know when it’s 10pm I don’t have much will power left and since my internet connection has been bad lately I cannot do it as I go when I am in the day care. I just thought it was better to put more than not counting them at all.

It looks like I keep forgetting to eight in when I am getting up …I just remember after my coffee then it’s too late. Anyway Have a good Friday!


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2 thoughts on “Good morning!

  1. Perhaps you should just make your weigh-in time after coffee! As long as it’s the same time every day, it shouldn’t make a difference.
    Your stats look great the last few days, and I’m happy your back is feeling a bit better. I’m sure your anxious to exercise, but don’t risk too much too soon. (coming from someone who risks too much too soon on a consistent basis. lol)

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