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1 kilo down

Ok…I weighed in Saturday and was  more than a kilo down from 3 days before…I know, I still have my doubts or am sure I am going to gain back some because it’s a lot for only a few days. Maybe because I had my period it made a big difference but I was shocked. I changed the batteries with new ones after and weighed myself again to make sure and it only made +0.1 kilo difference so it must have been right.

So I didn’t log any food this week end either but didn’t go crazy either, I kept my portion normal and wasn’t very hungry really. My excuse is that it is good practice for when I will be in maintenance phase lol

I must confess that I ate a few pieces of chocolate and a bit of caramel too and I didn’t move much except for vacuuming.

I am learning to knit with needles. I knitted before on looms but I would love to be able to make something useful. I am slow and my hand hurts a bit but I find it so relaxing. It’s like sitting down and doing nothing without the guilt. I made a few dishcloth so far nothing extravagant lol

Have a good week!


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