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Tough day!

imageI am just exhausted! I had that toddler in my care since early December and he has still not adjusted to my daycare. In the morning I have 3 choice: Hear him scream, having him on me or sitting him in a baby chair with a show on. I used to put some nursery rimes video for him but now that my internet connection is bad I cannot.


Every time I go do whatever like prepping lunch or changing a baby’s diaper, he scream his head off. He is more than 18 months and should be able to deal with that stuff by now. It usually takes max 2 weeks to adjust and it’s been 1 1/2 month. I know that they are all different but it is driving me bunkers. I think at that point it’s not a matter of being patient or nice. In order to remain a happy person around the children and keep my sanity I have to respect my limits.

I have talked to his Dad about teaching him to self-soothe(talked to mom a few weeks ago) and to cope when people around him are busy and cannot provide constant attention. He got it and seemed to want to cooperative which is good because even though is a sweet little boy at times(rare) when he gets out of his sad world and I so need the money, I won’t be able to care for him if it doesn’t change. It makes me sad because he seemed to have progress a lot and somehow he has regressed this week to a point like when he first started. Weird!

I cannot stand the screaming! It drives me crazy! Today I just felt like screaming back at him or hiding somewhere(didn’t actually do it of course). Then I was thinking why am I doing this job and then looking for solution on the web. All of this, because I have been through it before, are signs that I have reached my limit and this time I shouldn’t ignore it. In the past I have ignore those signs and was thinking that I had to change my ways and try different things with the child. It was stupid to try to do things that the child’s own parent weren’t even willing to do themselves. He seems like a special need kinda child and I am not equipped emotionally and educationally to provided special care.

It’s not fun for me but not fun for the others children and for my own child either.

What a vent! Thanks for reading it seems to be way more clearer now and I might give a notice to his parents on Friday.

Here are my stats of yesterday. I am still logging food at night.



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2 thoughts on “Tough day!

  1. I know the money is nice, but sometimes money is not everything. I’m sure his screaming stresses the other kids out as well, and like you said, it’s not good for you mentally or emotionally. And it’s not good for him.
    I’ve actually had a babysitter tell me my son cried all day unless he was held. She, of course, couldn’t hold him all day, so she kept him in his bouncy seat and just let him cry. It broke my heart that my baby son was crying all day, so I found a sitter who was able to care for just him. We were ALL happier. The babysitter, my son and me!
    So, it’s not a bad thing to let him go. It seems like it would be in everyone’s interest.

    • Your advice as a parent who went through this is so appreciated ,thank you! I put so much energy in him(I did hold him and gave him lots of attention and he did improved and then just regressed all the sudden and it’s like I don’t have anything left inside me for him!

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