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Back from vacation…What’s the damage?

Yes I am back to Alberta in the cold or colder since it was 5 degrees Celsius this afternoon. It is slowly melting and the days are now much longer thanks to daylight saving. I have given a hand to mother nature today by breaking some ice in the driveway. It was a nice day even if I couldn’t put my shorts on loll. Read more…


Aussie BBQ

Today I had my first Aussie BBQ. My mother in law had arranged a BBQ at a friend’s house with other friends that we met 10 years ago when we were here.

This morning we drove in the country side to go to a flea market. They had all sort of fruit trees for sale and I just wanted to buy some and plant them in my in law’s yard. I have found some mask and tribal artefacts that I will have to ship home because the custom people might think it would look good in THEIR house and keep it. It was great to look at all the stuff there but it got to hot and we went back home for a shower before heading to the BBQ.

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Enjoying Queensland

lorikeet zoom

I am just starting to feel better because when we got in Queensland I felt sick from the heat. The vegetation here is so beautiful, I am constantly amazed by the variety of plants and trees that grows here(nice change from the eternal pine trees from Alberta). When the breeze comes to cool us down it brings flower perfume along and it’s just wonderful.

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