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Awesome first day and…

..not so great second day.

Lets start with the good stuff lol



So I was amazed by the amount of calories that I burned yesterday and I was feeling so good! I had heaps of energy even if I was lacking sleep until I hurt by back in the afternoon. When I went to bed my back was really sore. I chose not to exercise in the morning to take it easy on my back because I need it to work and live but I was not happy about not doing it.

This morning when the alarm went off I, the person who is too asleep to make wise decision but still thinks she has all her head, decided to reset both alarm clock for 30 minutes later instead of hitting snooze 20 times. So 1 hour later she wakes up by some miracle with 15 minutes to get herself and her daughter ready.

I hate those morning. I absolutely cannot be late because people will show up at my door anyway (have a home day care) and I will have to answer the door hiding in my bathrobe with the blanket printed of my face. This is why I have a battery alarm clock and an electric one too. Maybe I need another one on top of a shelf so high that I would have to climb on a chair to smack it.

So lets push the complaining further

  1. Sore back
  2. No work out
  3. Got up late
  4. The parcel that I was going to pick up tonight at the post shop is now under the snow because the roof just collapsed because there was about 4 feet of snow on the store’s flat roof( some people are just %#%?$#, a flat roof and snow don’t go together)
  5. Just had 2 timtams (decadent sip your coffee through it chocolate biscuits)

Now because I need it I will do as Berestain Bears Mamma would say and …

Count my blessings

  1. I just had 2 timtams and a a delicious latté
  2. The physical therapy clinic accepted to take me in tonight despite the short notice
  3. The kids are sleeping so I get to complain to you guys
  4. I have a beautiful family that I love
  5. I have great loyal blogging friends that are there for me
  6. I am able to make an acceptable income from my home
  7. I have food to eat, water to drink
  8. I can still walk
  9. I have a new computer not because I wanted one but because the old one died
  10. I just loaded windows writer and so much easier to write a post on it.
  11. And I could go on and on.. but that will do for now

Bad timing

Yesterday I realised that the week was going to be harder than I though because by back was hurting more than expected. With the usual bad timing TOM then decided to knock at the door.

I know some women get a little grumpy before TOM shows up but for me the grumpiness always comes right with it. I am so cranky today that I almost gave myself a time out. The kids seems to have taken the opportunity to act  badly. They are probably thinking “she is grumpy anyway we might as well do what we are not suppose to” loll.

They are sleeping right now…. …. …it’s so peacefulSmile . Having a day home is not always easy, today it’s a hard day.

I am having trouble with a 31/2 year old who sometimes refuse to listen to me. I always teach the kids not to eat things they find outside unless I say it’s ok. So the little girl has always been eating snow like if it was ice cream, no matter what I could say she would still do it. Today she came to me  showing a piece of ice full of pieces of old leaves and dirt stock inside it. She was happy she found it, which is great but then she goes away and start eating it?!? She is definitely old enough to understand not to eat dirt. I gave her a time-out and explained why. After she got up she just walked away and started to eat snow again. I though ok, maybe I need to make a point of it since she doesn’t seem to make the difference between clean snow or anything else she finds. So after about 5 time-outs in row with her saying sorry while getting up and  starting putting stuff that she finds in her mouth I just gave up. She ate snow, dirty ice blocks that she founds on the ground, probably some with leaves in it as well.

Later after lunch, they played a little so when it was clean-up time she refuse to stop playing so she got another time-out. I made her sit against the wall near the kitchen table. There was  a piece of food that I missed under the table so she picked it and ate it. I then explained to her not to do it and why so she reached and picked another one?!?  I made sure there was none left after that…I know that she is a very smart girl and I just thought that maybe her Mom needs to do a little teaching as well so I will try to talk with her, maybe that kind of stuff doesn’t bother her but I cannot have the others pick that up from her and eat what ever they find, it could be dangerous. What will it be next summer , is she going to stuff her mouth with the mushrooms that grows on the grass?

My hormones are probably making me over reacting but I cannot wait for the week to end. I can’t believe I am saying that! Bloody TOM go away!

To change the subject, I did ok with my food intake yesterday, almost reaching        10 000 steps without even thinking about it or going for a walk! Smile




My food plan

Before I show you how I did yesterday here is my Fit bit food plan. I had it way harder before but now it’s  on “take it easy mode”.


I don’t really look at “reach your goal date” because I know that things are never that even or simple. It’s just an estimate and my budget vary according to how active I am and how active I usually am. I was scared to start wearing my Fit bit again because I cannot work out at the moment. Work is at the moment my exercise and it make all the muscles in my back and shoulder ache. I went to the Chiropractor last night and can only go back next week so I sure hope my back can handle the daily “kid work out”.

I did better than I though yesterday and was pretty pleased with myself.




I wanted to add another child to my team but decided to wait for my back to be in a better shape. We should be able to pay our bill with my contribution for now so I am thinking it will come in time. I feel very lucky to have my 3 little “day children” and their parents have been very understanding of my illness. I provided them with back up care from another home daycare that used to be government license like me before and I know she could be trusted. That was lucky she had place for all of the 3 children that I am looking after. I think she may have exceeded the allowed number at times when some after-school client were there as well but it was better than the parent missing work and it was their choice to go there or not. Some of my client, like me are not from this town so they don’t have family who can take their children if I am closed so it’s always an inconvenience when I cannot open.

I need my latte now so I am going to go make it Smile

For 2013…I am hoping

I hope everyone had a good tie throughout the holidays. I didn’t post for ages and don’t know where to re-start…

I have been struggling with something I cannot really control but that is in my life anyway and I am starting to cope better and maybe accept a little, just a little because me being a control freak confronted to a problem I cannot control has been very hard on me.

So our holidays was going to be very quiet just the 3 of us at the other end of the world from hubby’s family and at the other end of the country from my family in eastern Canada. You probably wonder why we are living away from everybody and I also wondered about it a lot through the holidays…

On the Thursday before the Christmas break I shuffled and hurt my back, just a bit like usual and I was ok after but Friday morning I got up. I should say that I tried to get up and had to hold on to every wall and everything on my way to the kitchen with horrible pain in my back. I still managed to work that day. It was our daycare Christmas party, I had presents for the kids and surprises and didn’t want them to miss out. Oh my I suffered but I didn’t know at that point that it wasn’t the worst. Saturday I was so bad that I could hardly walk and my obligated trip to the bathroom was a real challenge as Hubby was at work. Thank God I had my sweet 5 year-old angel getting for me everything I needed. So I spent 3 days trying to walk when hubby caught a really bad cold.

Our Christmas dinner was vegetable soup and I felt so thankful to at least have something to eat. Then my daughter got even sicker than husband…I felt so helpless, handicapped. I had so much trouble looking after my own daughter. It was a rough time then of course when I was finally able to move around with my new cane I got sick too…

We ended up at the emergency room, daughter and I got antibiotics for chest infections and I also got pills for my back. Apparently I pinched a nerve…Of course back pain(big horrible back pain) , cough and sneeze don’t go well together. Ouch!!!! I didn’t know that it was possible but I have learned to control it and stop it from happening. Almost all of it.

So when the shops were finally opened I went to the chiropractor for three days in a row and I am still going this week. Thank God it worked and hopefully I will be able to start my daycare next Monday. I am still carrying my cane around(it makes me feel like an old woman, hopefully I won’t need it until it becomes an extension of my arm) and being extra careful but I was able to vacuum and clean up that 2-weeks of mess today. Hubby was in his job’s busiest time of the year while all this was going on so he wasn’t much of a house keeper. The house looked like someone had poured stuff all over any flat surface possible followed buy a hurricane.

My hope for this year would be:

– No more (big)bad surprises in my life.

– To have my back back so I can exercise again(I had a shock today before my shower. It’s all looking like I took a few pounds of jelly stuff.

-To go back on track soon with no more cookies chocolate and “poor me” stuffing my mouth with fatty food.

-To be able to do what I have to do without having constantly to ask hubby to carry something for me.(my back again)

-No more flu or cold please or at least only one bad thing at the time.

-To see my family

-To reach my weight goal.

There is some of this wish list that I can have some sort of control over so there is hope for some of my hopes and the rest is in other hands.

Ironically our family Christmas present was a tread-mill this year(my pick) and I still have trouble to walk so it’s kind of funny when you think about it. It’s still in the garage… I was hoping that hubby might decide to have a walk if he could watch TV in the same time and that I could use it as well.

I don’t really feel ready to attack the second part of school year with the taekwondo 2 times a week but I guess I will just have to take it 1 day at the time until it finishes. I don’t know where some parents take their energy from because I know some who have something every night!

I am definitely not on track or even see the the track right now but I think I am back on my blog and it always helped! Thanks to my good friends who stock around waiting for me(you will recognise yourselves)! Your friendship is priceless!

I almost forgot, it has been more than a year since I am trying to find a healthier me while blogging. I started Nov.25 2011…I cannot believe I am still there having a go at it. Not bad, not bad at all. I mean I still didn’t give up Winking smile

On goal!


I finally was on goal yesterday! Yay! Did my work out this morning. My weight is down a little from yesterday. Everything is good!

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More stats

Morning work-out : Done

Yesterday’s goal: over

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Halloween party

I spent the weekend food shopping, relaxing and cheating. Ok. What exactly is my kind of cheating? Total junk food on Friday lunch, Eating stir-fry on sticky rice, cupcake (had 21/2 through the weekend), eating crumbed fish fingers that me and daughter made and baked in the oven, having some m&m’s and chocolate chips. I had heaps of fruit and vegetables. Apart from Friday there was no fast food or fatty food so it isn’t too bad, the real cheating was me not logging anything that I ate.

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Halloween treats scares me

I didn’t blog consistently lately…I have been very busy with the day care with Halloween coming I try to do a little more fun activities. I also tried to include some treats at snacks like pumpkin and chocolate chip muffin with orange icing on top for the pumpkin face. They didn’t like the fact that the muffin dough was kind of brown-orange so they hardly touched it…(the muffin had pumpkin, oat, wheat-a-bix and flour in it, it’s like they can sense it when it’s healthier) Unfortunately I ate mine with no icing and daughter’s one with icing. I do have a problem with sweets but I think I have a bigger problem with eating my kids left overs! I don’t like to through food…when it taste good.

I have done my morning work-out everyday except for Tuesday(did it at night) but I haven’t been very smart with my food intake. Way too much bread, muffin, lasagna etc. My weight is now at 74.1 kilos/163 pounds and it was at 73.5 kilos/161.7 pounds last week. I always tend to sabotage myself when I am doing good. Somehow  I think I am safe now because I have lost so much weight but I am never safe from food and I cannot seem to learn from this mistake. I haven’t been posting my calorie goal either because I was over and the day after I know I was over as well so I didn’t bother logging my food. I have to stop my “ostrich phase”  and take my head out of the sand. 

Yesterday I went shopping for Halloween decoration and surprises. I decorated the day care yesterday night because tonight is taekwondo night so I won’t have time. It’s pretty spooky in there and we will have our daycare party Friday. There will be a cupcake and some other treats again…

Long weekend is over

We just had our Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada. It was so nice to have 3 days off!

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I did alright!

Today I was downstairs with my daughter and 2  little girls. It was kind of my second home daycare day. I have been looking after my friend’s little girl but it’s not the same because she is 5 and used to my rules so her and daughter are free to play in the whole house. When there is other kids at the daycare we stay in the daycare part because it is child proof and set for that purpose. 

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