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I have had it!

I had a beautiful week-end with my little family(the 3 of us). I didn’t track any food Saturday and Sunday and ate heaps of chocolate. I am alright with it because today I am and will stay on goal. Saturday morning the balance told me that I took 1 pound and that was exactly what I needed, a wake up call.

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Easter egg hunt

We went to the rotary park around lunch time for the hunt. Everybody was on the same side of the field but we decided to get a spot on another side where there was fewer people. Smart decision because by the time the big crowd made it to where we were my daughter had already filled her little basket. She was so funny to look at! She was holding her basket perfectly straight so nothing would fall off. While all the other kids beside her rushed to the middle of the field , she stayed right there and picked  all the one that they missed. It took her about 3 minutes to get a basket full and she came back to us satisfied.

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White Easter…

Yes! A post only to complain about the weather! It started with 5 or 9 degrees Celsius to come back at –3 with freezing wind and some snow falls here and there. I am so sick of it and my project of walking outside is on the ice for now.

Woke up with a head ache this morning, so apart from some cleaning I didn’t do too much yet. I am thinking of  making(trying) a Pavlova for Easter. It is not a bad choice for a light dessert if you replace the whipped cream with low fat Greek yogurt (I don’t know if Hubby is going to buy that). I am also going to make a chocolate fondue with heaps of fruit around the chocolate. It all sounds healthy but it really depends on the dipping part of it. As you can see I always think about dessert. We will also have a baked pineapple ham with mashed potatoes and a few kind of vegies.

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