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Hands in dirt

This morning I did some cleaning, packed a few boxes and started to make lunch. I had this pork tenderloin de-frosting so I decided to marinate to make kebabs. I mixed coconut, rice vinegar, mirin, oil, garlic, cardamom, coriander, orange zest. Basically everything I could think of and puréed it with the bar mix. I put it on the kebabs with pieces of pineapple(note to myself: use fresh instead of tin pineapple next time). It didn’t hold very well on the kebab but the meat was delicious. I made a basmati rice with the juice of the pineapple and some orange zest mixed in when it was cooked. I also made zucchini and mushroom kebabs for the veggies. A nice family meal and a big mess.

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Gardening,baking and napping

The children are napping…well my daughter’s friend is napping and I wish my daughter was napping too but she is fighting it. She would definitely need a rest because when her friend comes over she is busier than usual and gets very tired at the end of the day. Unfortunately I cannot force these things.

I put a cartoon movie on so they have a quiet time and it took daughter’s friend about 5 minutes to fall asleep on the sofa. Daughter is changing position every 2 minutes and is having lots of trouble keeping still loll

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I hate grass!!!

Let’s just say that I have done my work out for the day. I have just passed the last 2 hours pulling that bloody grass out of my 2 garden beds. Apparently I have burned 489 calories. Because I became so angry with the grass would probably worth 100 calories more at least!

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Get moving!!!

Nothing like a beautiful sunny day and mild weather to cheer me up! I asked husband to wake us up today but it was not a big success since we got up at 11ham. 1 hour better than yesterday. I have set the alarm clock in the living room with a very loud buzzer so I will have to get up and turn that awful noise off tomorrow morning.

Me and daughter went to the park and had a slow but very nice walk around the still frozen pond. After we went shopping for seeds, dirt, trays and carton containers. We bought a lot of seeds : cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, ground cherries, 2 color corn, sugar snap, green beans, zucchini, spinach and carrot.

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