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Hey it’s me Winter…

…Did you think I was gone for good?  I have decided to stick around for a while, would you like some snow for a few days? NOOOOOO!

Yep! I saw spring coming and it looks like it changed its mind. What can I do? Not much and I am not getting depress about that. Instead I am just going to keep going with my indoor exercise.

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Wii fitness game: ExerBeat

My husband gave me ExerBeat for Christmas and I wanted to talk about it but I wanted to play it at least a month so I would know more about it.

On the game you have different categories: Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Hip hop, Latin dance, Aerobics and even 5 exercise games for kids. Considering that it was about 20$ it’s already pretty good.

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A beautiful day to bike on the island

Well when I first got up I weighted myself and it was higher than yesterday. I didn’t care because it was way lower than last week. A good news always cheer you up right? It felt good that all the changes I have made are showing up on the scale and on my body as well.

I can’t see a difference in my clothes yet but my body feels better. There are exercises that use to be more difficult and even hurt. Now it gets easier and easier.  I still don’t feel like exercising but once I am started I am fine with it. When the work out is half way through I start to like it which is very unusual coming from me.

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My Fitness Pal or Calorie count?

I had a weird day yesterday trying out those tools and giving a go at counting calories. I am very new to this.

For lunch I had a small burritos with a cucumber and avocado salad just with lemon juice and salt. The combination was delicious but…

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Wii Fit Review

What I like about it:

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