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Weighing In: By ShadowRun300

The Scale.

You either love it or hate it.

You’re addicted to it, or you never want to see it again.

You’ll find many opinions out there about whether you should weigh yourself once a day, once a week, once a month, never.

But I feel that it’s a personal choice you should make – after ‘weighing’ all the facts of course.

I, myself, don’t have all the facts, but I can share with you what I did, and why it worked for me. Read more…

My Opinion on Splurging: Posted by ShadowRun300

Splurging seems to be a hot topic amongst dieters.

After all, when you’re on a diet, all you can think about is food.

Most of us realize that we need to eat less than we burn in order to lose weight.  So we make the hard choice to cut back on portion size, cut out most of the fat, and try to survive on fruits and veggies.

This does not bode well for people used to eating a ton of greasy food, all the time.

When I first started dieting, it was easy to take in just over 1000 calories a day.  But after a few weeks of that, I wanted some REAL food.  It was all I thought about!  So I began making deals with myself. Read more…

Finding What Works For You

The first few days of my weight loss journey were totally based on willpower and enthusiasm.  It was easy to avoid unhealthy foods, and easy to exercise because I was excited about starting!

But of course, a few days into it, I was hungry, worn out from exercising, and wondering what the heck I’d gotten myself into. I was determined though, so I managed a good few weeks of willpower before I found the cravings and laziness slowly creeping back in. Read more…

Burn, Baby, Burn: Posted by ShadowRun

Losing weight requires burning more calories than you are taking in.  Period.

The good news is, there are lots of ways to burn calories that you may not even think about!

Did you know, that digesting foods burns calories?

How about chewing?  That burns calories too!

So does sleeping….

I know.  You’re thinking to yourself, “Those are all the things I did to gain the weight!”

And that may be true, but I’ll come back to how these fit in to losing weight. Read more…

Getting Started: posted by shadowrun

I literally began my weight loss endeavor the day it hit me that being fat was NOT who I was or who I wanted to be.

I really didn’t know where to begin.  The only thing I knew for sure was that in order to lose weight, I needed to burn more calories than I was taking in.

With no such technology as a FitBit or My Fitness Pal, I got on the internet to get an idea of how many calories I should be eating for my height and weight if I wanted to lose a couple of pounds a week.  And I searched for exercises to get an idea of how many calories I was burning.

My next step was to find a notebook, yep, I’m showing my age, 🙂 to log everything I ate and drank, and to log my exercises for the day.

I felt ready, energized, and excited about beginning! Read more…

Meet Shadowrun

How did I meet Shadowrun? First she was commenting like all of you, then she started to compare her journey with mine giving thoughtful advice and support. Even if I once thought that internet friends were not real, I have learned that they are real friend and Shadowrun became one.  I couldn’t help it but ask her to share her successful journey with us so we can all benefit from someone who have been there. Here she is… 

Read more…

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