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The monster is ready!

I finally settled with putting the treadmill in the room downstairs…I still don’t think it is too big for the living room but it is too late now.



I can put my laptop on the shelf you can see in front of the machine so I can watch something. I have tried interval walking but it doesn’t make my back feel very good so tonight I will try just plain walking at a pace that suits me instead of alternating too fast and too slow.

I have done 30 minutes yesterday and it seems to go pretty quick.

I have logged my food yesterday and so far today. Here are my stats…



My treadmill is in miles and it said I have walked 1 mile which is 1.6 km so my Fit bit probably needs a little adjustment to be more accurate but it should be fairly easy to fix with the treadmill.

I really don’t feel like getting up early to walk because lately I have been feeling very tired so I will try to do it at night.The fact that I get to watch a show all by myself is a real motivation. I just have to make sure I don’t watch anything without walking it!.

Last week I applied primer on an old painting I bought in a garage sale (The good thing about painting over something ugly and old is that there is no pressure to wreck the canvas loll) and I was going to paint something on it through the long weekend but hubby had 2 days off in a row so we decided to go somewhere while we could. I wonder if I will paint that canvas before summer loll

So we drove to the city and we went to a place where there is huge glass pyramids and inside each of them is a different ecosystem filled with plants. It was really good to be in “summer” for a few hours. They had a special display for the Chinese new year and it was beautiful and it smelt like flowers. We spent the night at the hotel, went swimming in the pool and headed home after breakfast the next morning. Just the fact to be somewhere else was really relaxing.

I didn’t weigh myself for a while but can feel it creeping back, my pants feel tighter so I better do something  about itSmile


What to say…


It was my turn to pick the “family Christmas present” this year or last year since it’s now 2013. I bought a tread-mill. The (bad) news was taken the hard way from hubby…I guess I didn’t do things right buying it… and then telling him. I am not proud of that part at all and it was very wrong I admitted it. I think he thought I got some of nice looking cabinet to put in the living room and was disappointed on top of being angry at me for the bad choice.image


Last year he really wanted to get the whole ice fishing gear. The tent, heater, lamp, fishing rods, hole maker. I wasn’t thrilled at all but at least he asked for my opinion first and I said yes but the next would be my pick. Fishing is not my thing at all, in fact I just hate having to hope and wait forever and there is never anything at the end of the line. I said yes to the ice fishing gear but only to please him.

Guess what? I have learned to like it. I still don’t care much about the fishing part of it because my kind of fishing would be with a net in an aquarium but I like the open space and the view, being outside, not having to watch my child beside the water, being able to have  a walk on the lake, being with my family and finally catching some fish and eat it, something that never happened to us in summer in Alberta.

So when hubby started to act as if I were crazy for picking such a bad present I reminded him that I thought that  fishing gear for a present sucked last year 2011 but that I have learned to like it and that maybe he would learn to like the tread-mill, after all he would need it just as much as me.

I got it for myself because I need something new to continue my journey but I also got it for him in hope that he would exercise a little before it’s too late. He is obese and apart from the steps he takes at work there is no exercise. He has cholesterol and drinks those stevia yogurt but don’t watch his diet very much.

Something I cannot do for him is to make him change his way but I was dreaming about him having a walk while watching TV. His health is at risk and he doesn’t do much about it but he doesn’t seem to realise that we need him and that he has responsibility to be alive for me but especially for our daughter.

I would like my daughter to have her daddy for a long time(he his such a great daddy to her) and for me to have my partner for a long time as well. It’s why I want it in the living room because this is where we are.

I don’t like to be confined to a room for exercise, it has never worked for me. I need it there  to continue and to reach my goal. Hubby says it doesn’t make any sense, that it will take the whole place, it will look silly etc. I don’t care about the look of our living room as much as I care for our health. A nice cabinet would have looked nice but wouldn’t do much for a healthy life and look nice myself.

I am running out of argument. I don’t see what the big deal is, it’s not like he is using the living room floor for anything. When he is in the living room, he is on the couch watching TV, his phone or iPad.

If I could lift the thing by myself I would do it anyway and I am sure he would see that it’s not so bad after all…but I need him to help…so frustrating! I love him deeply but sometimes we see things so differently…so frustrating!

So is it about where to put the tread-mill or it’s about getting hubby on a healthier life? I just thought it could be easier to get US on a healthier track if this tool would be right here, where we hang out, easy access, ready to use at anytime.

If you have any good point that I didn’t use feel free to write it down for me!

Sensor problems

Another great peaceful morning for me before the sun gets up! I did my work out like planned but decided to add a little extra today. I clip those sensor at the end of the Wii remote to add a little weight to them. I have been having trouble with the sensor because some of my move don’t record on one hand sometimes but apart from adding weight to my arms, the extra-sensor did not help about this problem at all. I guess as long as I know I have done the move I shouldn’t worry about it being recorded by the Wii but it’s annoying me and I am thinking of new remotes…maybe for Christmas? Can you hear me Santa?

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Here is what I get from Fitbit

Hi julie, here are your weekly stats.
4/09/2012 to 4/15/2012

TOTAL STEPS 47,395 DAILY AVERAGE 4,662 steps WEEKLY BEST 10,393 steps
CALORIES IN VS OUT -3042 WEEKLY BEST 16076 cals burned 7784 cals eaten -750 cals deficit
Last week’s step winners

2 julielegardeur 47,395 steps

Last week’s badges

Getting Started: posted by shadowrun

I literally began my weight loss endeavor the day it hit me that being fat was NOT who I was or who I wanted to be.

I really didn’t know where to begin.  The only thing I knew for sure was that in order to lose weight, I needed to burn more calories than I was taking in.

With no such technology as a FitBit or My Fitness Pal, I got on the internet to get an idea of how many calories I should be eating for my height and weight if I wanted to lose a couple of pounds a week.  And I searched for exercises to get an idea of how many calories I was burning.

My next step was to find a notebook, yep, I’m showing my age, 🙂 to log everything I ate and drank, and to log my exercises for the day.

I felt ready, energized, and excited about beginning! Read more…

R.I.P. Fitbit

Today the 3 of us decided to go at the pool in the afternoon since it was to hot too go ice fishing and not sunny enough to go outside. We had a wonderful time playing with our daughter but it was a bit crowded because it is always free on Sundays.

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Wii fitness game: ExerBeat

My husband gave me ExerBeat for Christmas and I wanted to talk about it but I wanted to play it at least a month so I would know more about it.

On the game you have different categories: Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Hip hop, Latin dance, Aerobics and even 5 exercise games for kids. Considering that it was about 20$ it’s already pretty good.

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A beautiful day to bike on the island

Well when I first got up I weighted myself and it was higher than yesterday. I didn’t care because it was way lower than last week. A good news always cheer you up right? It felt good that all the changes I have made are showing up on the scale and on my body as well.

I can’t see a difference in my clothes yet but my body feels better. There are exercises that use to be more difficult and even hurt. Now it gets easier and easier.  I still don’t feel like exercising but once I am started I am fine with it. When the work out is half way through I start to like it which is very unusual coming from me.

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Can water make such a difference?

Well when I started counting calories and working out I started to lose weight right away at a regular pace. Being overwhelmed by all that new stuff I forgot to drink my 8 glass of water for a few days.

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