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Well another week started and I cannot say that I am fully awake right now and I will probably need a second coffee to wake me some more or for moral support lol

So I weighed in Sunday after I slept in until 10am and I have lost 0.4 kilo/0.9 pound since last weekend. It brings me at 75.6 kilos/167 pounds. Not even a pound but I am still happy about it. I did not log any food this weekend. Saturday I felt so hungry and ate maybe a little more than I should have but I didn’t eat that much Sunday and did not snack in between meals because I was not hungry so it should get even.

Have a good week!


Tough day!

imageI am just exhausted! I had that toddler in my care since early December and he has still not adjusted to my daycare. In the morning I have 3 choice: Hear him scream, having him on me or sitting him in a baby chair with a show on. I used to put some nursery rimes video for him but now that my internet connection is bad I cannot.

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1 kilo down

Ok…I weighed in Saturday and was  more than a kilo down from 3 days before…I know, I still have my doubts or am sure I am going to gain back some because it’s a lot for only a few days. Maybe because I had my period it made a big difference but I was shocked. I changed the batteries with new ones after and weighed myself again to make sure and it only made +0.1 kilo difference so it must have been right.

So I didn’t log any food this week end either but didn’t go crazy either, I kept my portion normal and wasn’t very hungry really. My excuse is that it is good practice for when I will be in maintenance phase lol

I must confess that I ate a few pieces of chocolate and a bit of caramel too and I didn’t move much except for vacuuming.

I am learning to knit with needles. I knitted before on looms but I would love to be able to make something useful. I am slow and my hand hurts a bit but I find it so relaxing. It’s like sitting down and doing nothing without the guilt. I made a few dishcloth so far nothing extravagant lol

Have a good week!

Yesterdays stats


Ok…so I thought I was going to be over my calories but it looks like going outside with the kids is paying off both with more active time and keeping my sanity.

The snow has been here since early December and stayed. We haven’t gone outside much during the fall but now the toddler are all walking good so its different. We made trails in the yard with the snow blower so they can walk easily otherwise they would just be stuck and would cry.

I am just waiting for them to wake up from nap and after snack we are heading outside again. Its only –1 c. so it’s too good to stay indoor.

I weighed in this morning and it showed a little gain but really I know I haven’t done too good with the food and it will take some time getting use to doing it again.

Friday tomorrow YES!

Why do we have to write a title anyway?

I felt very discouraged yesterday about my back and not being able to work out. Not that I like to wake up earlier but I do like my little routine on exerbeat and it makes me feel good about myself.

I am full of negative energy and have to make an effort to put up with myself. I will try maybe a slow walk on the tread mill since I have one and walking outside in the cold darkness in the snow is not my thing. Walking slowly shouldn’t hurt me too much! I just need to watch a show while I am doing it so I don’t get too bored.

I don’t know why but for me it is super hard to watch what I eat if I don’t get to work out, well probably because I can eat more when I am more active lol

So I will go look for yesterday’s stats…ok I am back and here it is…

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Awesome first day and…

..not so great second day.

Lets start with the good stuff lol



So I was amazed by the amount of calories that I burned yesterday and I was feeling so good! I had heaps of energy even if I was lacking sleep until I hurt by back in the afternoon. When I went to bed my back was really sore. I chose not to exercise in the morning to take it easy on my back because I need it to work and live but I was not happy about not doing it.

This morning when the alarm went off I, the person who is too asleep to make wise decision but still thinks she has all her head, decided to reset both alarm clock for 30 minutes later instead of hitting snooze 20 times. So 1 hour later she wakes up by some miracle with 15 minutes to get herself and her daughter ready.

I hate those morning. I absolutely cannot be late because people will show up at my door anyway (have a home day care) and I will have to answer the door hiding in my bathrobe with the blanket printed of my face. This is why I have a battery alarm clock and an electric one too. Maybe I need another one on top of a shelf so high that I would have to climb on a chair to smack it.

So lets push the complaining further

  1. Sore back
  2. No work out
  3. Got up late
  4. The parcel that I was going to pick up tonight at the post shop is now under the snow because the roof just collapsed because there was about 4 feet of snow on the store’s flat roof( some people are just %#%?$#, a flat roof and snow don’t go together)
  5. Just had 2 timtams (decadent sip your coffee through it chocolate biscuits)

Now because I need it I will do as Berestain Bears Mamma would say and …

Count my blessings

  1. I just had 2 timtams and a a delicious latté
  2. The physical therapy clinic accepted to take me in tonight despite the short notice
  3. The kids are sleeping so I get to complain to you guys
  4. I have a beautiful family that I love
  5. I have great loyal blogging friends that are there for me
  6. I am able to make an acceptable income from my home
  7. I have food to eat, water to drink
  8. I can still walk
  9. I have a new computer not because I wanted one but because the old one died
  10. I just loaded windows writer and so much easier to write a post on it.
  11. And I could go on and on.. but that will do for now

Researching my past

I did alright yesterday with the food and I did my walking even with a migraine that stock on me and is still there a little today.

This morning i took the time to weight myself before eating or drinking and I was at 74 kl/162.8 pounds instead of 74.7 / 164.3 pounds yesterday afternoon. It gives me a little smile even if I know that it was only normal fluctuations.

So I re-start at 74 kl/162.8 pounds which is way better anyway Smile


I didn’t do as much steps as the days before but I was in the 9000’s.

Yesterday I was wondering how I used to do it with the food but then I logged into myfitnesspal that I was using everyday before I got my Fitbit and did a little research on myself.  I used to eat meat and vegetables at lunch and dinner and kept the carbs for the morning and evening. I used to eat oatmeal , sugar snap peas, spinach etc.

So today I ate plain turkey breast meat with carrots for lunch and I was full even if I didn’t eat potatoes. I will try to include more meals like this one from now on.

Finding positive energy

I just wrote a really negative post today and I just remembered that yesterday I asked hubby to take photos of me and take my measurements as well to update my page. There is a real difference from 8 months ago in April. I was weighing around 175 pounds/79.2 kilos and now I am around 132 pounds/73.2 kilos.

I should update this page more often to see things in perspective instead of the usual daily look I take. I am just trying to see more positive than earlier today…


I wasn’t not expecting this at all. I got myself to step on the board at 6h30am this morning and guess what? Since the last time I weighed myself(in November) I took 0.2 kilos?!?! About 0.4 pound…I am still stunned by this news as I was expecting 10 pounds at least.

It kind of says how much muscles I lost because my new pants that were kind of loose are now tighter and as I said yesterday my butt as changed back a little to what it was before. I don’t really know how much muscles I have lost(this is when I would use the fit bit scale if I would have it) but it’s very surprising to know that they were responsible for my body getting slimmer and more defined. I remember that it took like a month od exercise and dieting in September to finally see the scale go down so all this time my body was building muscles I guess…I am starting work this morning which means there should be some stairs climbing to my daily routine from now on…one little thing at the time.

The tread-mill is still in the garage for now, I am giving hubby a short break loll

I am going to start logging my food again but I don’t know if I should charge my fit bit and wear it because I won’t be moving as much as I used to and I don’t want it to discourage me. I got to log onto myfitnesspal now…Have a good day!

Back at work tomorrow

I am re-opening my daycare tomorrow morning. The awakening is going to be tough as my routine has been getting up late and going to sleep late. I might try to step on the balance board see how much I took back on.

For the holiday, hubby got heaps of unhealthy treats in a basket and a huge box of fancy cookies and other treats as well. I just got sick of it today and though the rest in the garbage. I just realised that I was eating it because it was there even though I didn’t really like it, just because it was sweet and available. I guess it’s the fist step towards recovery. I say recovery because I really have been off calorie counting for at least 2 months and off healthy eating for like 4 weeks.

I have some of my old butt back and when I realise that it made me pretty upset. It took so long to get where I was and such a short time to lose the muscles and pack the fat back up. I know that not moving at all for the past 3 weeks has something to do with it but it should have made me watch my diet even more.

Anyway it’s too late for what happened but not to late for what can happen!

I am a bit anxious about tomorrow but i will just have to be extra-careful.

Have a good week!

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