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Why do we have to write a title anyway?

I felt very discouraged yesterday about my back and not being able to work out. Not that I like to wake up earlier but I do like my little routine on exerbeat and it makes me feel good about myself.

I am full of negative energy and have to make an effort to put up with myself. I will try maybe a slow walk on the tread mill since I have one and walking outside in the cold darkness in the snow is not my thing. Walking slowly shouldn’t hurt me too much! I just need to watch a show while I am doing it so I don’t get too bored.

I don’t know why but for me it is super hard to watch what I eat if I don’t get to work out, well probably because I can eat more when I am more active lol

So I will go look for yesterday’s stats…ok I am back and here it is…

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Awesome first day and…

..not so great second day.

Lets start with the good stuff lol



So I was amazed by the amount of calories that I burned yesterday and I was feeling so good! I had heaps of energy even if I was lacking sleep until I hurt by back in the afternoon. When I went to bed my back was really sore. I chose not to exercise in the morning to take it easy on my back because I need it to work and live but I was not happy about not doing it.

This morning when the alarm went off I, the person who is too asleep to make wise decision but still thinks she has all her head, decided to reset both alarm clock for 30 minutes later instead of hitting snooze 20 times. So 1 hour later she wakes up by some miracle with 15 minutes to get herself and her daughter ready.

I hate those morning. I absolutely cannot be late because people will show up at my door anyway (have a home day care) and I will have to answer the door hiding in my bathrobe with the blanket printed of my face. This is why I have a battery alarm clock and an electric one too. Maybe I need another one on top of a shelf so high that I would have to climb on a chair to smack it.

So lets push the complaining further

  1. Sore back
  2. No work out
  3. Got up late
  4. The parcel that I was going to pick up tonight at the post shop is now under the snow because the roof just collapsed because there was about 4 feet of snow on the store’s flat roof( some people are just %#%?$#, a flat roof and snow don’t go together)
  5. Just had 2 timtams (decadent sip your coffee through it chocolate biscuits)

Now because I need it I will do as Berestain Bears Mamma would say and …

Count my blessings

  1. I just had 2 timtams and a a delicious latté
  2. The physical therapy clinic accepted to take me in tonight despite the short notice
  3. The kids are sleeping so I get to complain to you guys
  4. I have a beautiful family that I love
  5. I have great loyal blogging friends that are there for me
  6. I am able to make an acceptable income from my home
  7. I have food to eat, water to drink
  8. I can still walk
  9. I have a new computer not because I wanted one but because the old one died
  10. I just loaded windows writer and so much easier to write a post on it.
  11. And I could go on and on.. but that will do for now

Going to bed hungry…

…definitely not for me!

So yesterday night and the night before I had to get out of bed and eat something so that I was not hungry anymore, just enough so I could sleep. It brought my calorie goal to high but it doesn’t matter, my stomach needs time to shrink back to normal because I have been stretching it lately and its used to so much more food. Even over my goal it is still a big improvement from what it was last week anyway.

This morning I got up at 5h30 am and did my small work out. It is the fourth day in a raw that I am working out. My body hurts a little and my breakfast taste unbelievably good because I am starving!

The scale said 77.3 kilos/170.1 pounds

Ok there is a loss of like 4 pounds from 78.1 kilos/175 pounds but lets not get to exited because the other time that I weighed myself it was late afternoon so there is already 1 kilo of difference from then to morning. I think I wanted the worst picture ever so that it would make improvement easier lol

Time flows so fast, by the time I made my coffee and done my exercises(20 min.) 45 minutes went past ?? Now I have to get moving, get daughter up, brush her hair(I hate that and so does she), try to make her eat something and get her dress then my client will be already here…Maybe I should get at 5ham or I should not go to bed at all…

Happy Monday if there is such a thing!

She’s alive!!!

Well first of all I am not dead… secondly I have been over eating through the holidays because… I am not sure but it could have something to do with the fact that I am so far from my family and I miss them and I would like to move back there but it looks like it won’t be for now. It could also be because I love pastry and chocolate… Probably as something to do with all the stress I had since this summer not knowing if my husband would still have a job, if he was going to accept another offer back home and we would move back there and would have to sale the house…

Before our vacation which was in September I weighed myself and I was still the same, around 74 kilos, I could not believe it! Considering that early 2013 I could hardly walk due to my back problems and after all that time  without thinking about my weight, calorie tracking, stepping on the scale and not working out either. I was shocked! However when my back felt better I was always outside with the kids and we would do lots of walks or mini walking trip to different playground having snack there.

So for our vacation we went back home for a month and I just wished I could be back there for good. By the sea, family around, less materialist life and property cost at a price where it still make sense.

When I came back here all the stress from mortgage and other exorbitant cost of life crawled back on me. The snow came along with Halloween to stay so that was the end of outside fun for us because I now care for 3 kids under 2 years old and it means they cannot move much once they are dressed up for snow play. Last year it was different because I had a pre-school group.

So all of it is my excuse for putting on about 4-5 kilos in just a few months. Emotions, stress, a lack of exercise and lots of baked goods over the Christmas period.

2 days ago after weighing myself and feeling bit of me that had been gone for a while and were back on my body , I charged my old fitbit and started to log my food again. It is actually not too bad but my real difficulty will be to get up earlier to exercise. I work a 10 hour shift with my home day care and around here the sun gets up after 8h30 and set at 4h30 so my energy is kinda low at the moment and morning always feels like the middle of the night even when I sleep in until 8am in the weekend.

So my wake up weigh in was at 78.8 kilos which would be 175 pounds

I forgot to step on the board this morning, lost the habit I guess so even if I have tried to cut back the calories I don’t know if it did anything for now. It’s crazy like a habit (calorie wise food choice) who used to be  like a second nature can be hard to re-learn. I had to go back on my fitness pal to have a look at what I used to eat back then and I think skipping starch for one meal or 2 and making sure I get real meat at meals( not a few bits lost in a sea of pasta or rice) could be the key for me.

I know this blog and my old “blog friends” have been the key in my weight loss journey before so I will try to also get back to it and re-connect with some people who went or are going through similar things.

So this is not a new year resolution but a trial for a bran new start. Somehow I feel scared to press “publish” for some weird reason, probably cause I will have to keep my word!


We are now half way through the week, sorry if I sound a little depressing but it feels like a whole month. I had a migraine yesterday and still trying to get rid of that damned cold. Yesterday I ended up way over my goal and didn’t exercise because I was not feeling very good.

I don’t know if it’s be cause the winter started at the end of October but I am desperate for spring and summer to get some energy back. I wouldn’t  mind being a bear if I could sleep for the whole winter lol.

Is there anyone who could send me some canned summer?

Here are my shameful stats lol


Hoping to do better today Smile

Gadget temptation


Finally I did alright with my food intake yesterday.

I was supposed to weigh myself this morning but we had a new TV cabinet this weekend and had to unplug everything and plug it back. Hubby said the Wii is not working ad he doesn’t know why so it will probably go to the week end before I can step on the balance board.

All the sudden the Aria scale from fitbit seems very appealing. It measures the body fat % as well so it can come in handy when you are building muscles and the scale don’t go down…and it sync with the fitbit so you don’t need to log any numbers. Just another gadget that is not necessary of course…


Like I suspected last week I finally caught a cold this weekend. I did not exercise or logged my food. I tried to eat very healthy (apart from the chocolate flourless cake that I waited all week to eat) and include heaps of fruit and vegies to help get better. I am still a little bit sick but I feel better than yesterday so it’s great. The only exercise I did was vacuuming Friday and grocery shopping Sunday.  I took naps(it normally never happens) took some drugs(Advil) and even found some time to paint the canvas that I had ready on my easel.

I ordered this book at the library: By Flora Bowley


It tells you how to create without being scared of doing something wrong… I tried and I don’t have a clue what the painting will look like or if I will like it or not but the point was to let myself go and have fun without pressure and so far it’s working. It’s almost like a therapy or a relaxation session with colors. I can paint over as many times as I want anyway lol


Tomorrow I will try to remember to weigh myself just to have an idea to where I am at and to keep myself on track. I will do my treadmill walking tonight and see how is my back tomorrow. At the end of last week my back was hurting but it might because I had walked everyday and my back  wasn’t used to it. I am hoping for it to get stronger and not weaker…

Have a good week!

Researching my past

I did alright yesterday with the food and I did my walking even with a migraine that stock on me and is still there a little today.

This morning i took the time to weight myself before eating or drinking and I was at 74 kl/162.8 pounds instead of 74.7 / 164.3 pounds yesterday afternoon. It gives me a little smile even if I know that it was only normal fluctuations.

So I re-start at 74 kl/162.8 pounds which is way better anyway Smile


I didn’t do as much steps as the days before but I was in the 9000’s.

Yesterday I was wondering how I used to do it with the food but then I logged into myfitnesspal that I was using everyday before I got my Fitbit and did a little research on myself.  I used to eat meat and vegetables at lunch and dinner and kept the carbs for the morning and evening. I used to eat oatmeal , sugar snap peas, spinach etc.

So today I ate plain turkey breast meat with carrots for lunch and I was full even if I didn’t eat potatoes. I will try to include more meals like this one from now on.


This is my food intake for yesterday


 was so hungry yesterday, I don’t know why but maybe my body is fighting another dawn cold. I don,t have it yet but I can feel it trying to “get me”. What a beautiful excuse I just made for myself loll.

I walked for about 45 minutes at 2.5 miles an hour. I have a speaker in the treadmill to plug in an iPod. I could plug my laptop but the cord they provided is about 10 cm long so I would need a longer one or headphones(I have one set somewhere). I could hardly hear my show yesterday and it was a bit annoying.

I am scared of the weekend coming and ruining my new food logging habit of 2 days. If hubby is not off there is less chance for be to get off track again. No I am not blaming it on him but he sure doesn’t help me when he propose restaurants meal because I have never done good with those. But again, I am responsible for my own choices.

I don’t want to be where I am at with my weight in September so I really have to do something about it. You know when you say : if I would have done last year, I would be at my goal weight by now, well I don’t want to say “if i would have” anymore…instead I will just do it.

Maybe it’s time for me to set myself some real goals or deadlines.

The monster is ready!

I finally settled with putting the treadmill in the room downstairs…I still don’t think it is too big for the living room but it is too late now.



I can put my laptop on the shelf you can see in front of the machine so I can watch something. I have tried interval walking but it doesn’t make my back feel very good so tonight I will try just plain walking at a pace that suits me instead of alternating too fast and too slow.

I have done 30 minutes yesterday and it seems to go pretty quick.

I have logged my food yesterday and so far today. Here are my stats…



My treadmill is in miles and it said I have walked 1 mile which is 1.6 km so my Fit bit probably needs a little adjustment to be more accurate but it should be fairly easy to fix with the treadmill.

I really don’t feel like getting up early to walk because lately I have been feeling very tired so I will try to do it at night.The fact that I get to watch a show all by myself is a real motivation. I just have to make sure I don’t watch anything without walking it!.

Last week I applied primer on an old painting I bought in a garage sale (The good thing about painting over something ugly and old is that there is no pressure to wreck the canvas loll) and I was going to paint something on it through the long weekend but hubby had 2 days off in a row so we decided to go somewhere while we could. I wonder if I will paint that canvas before summer loll

So we drove to the city and we went to a place where there is huge glass pyramids and inside each of them is a different ecosystem filled with plants. It was really good to be in “summer” for a few hours. They had a special display for the Chinese new year and it was beautiful and it smelt like flowers. We spent the night at the hotel, went swimming in the pool and headed home after breakfast the next morning. Just the fact to be somewhere else was really relaxing.

I didn’t weigh myself for a while but can feel it creeping back, my pants feel tighter so I better do something  about itSmile

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