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A side of me

I don’t know if you remember but a while ago I took a drawing class. It was late and tiring but I loved it. It only lasted 5 weeks but for once in my Mom life I took some time to go there and also to do my “homework”, something that was only for me.

So here are a few drawings that I said I would share and then forgot about it until today.

This is a view of my house, I drew it from a photo and did it by sale and almost drove myself crazy with trying t have it exactly the same…


A camel statue was posing for me(first homework)


My kitchen table…


A fruit we had to bring in class and of course mine was wounded when I got there…


Some basket of fruit that I had put together, for some reason we were given a view finder(a mini empty picture frame) and were ask to do the drawing the same size but I wasn’t able to do that and always ended taking the whole page…


This is my last and favourite one(my coffee maker) that I did from a photo. We had take pictures of it and crop to find the best composition and then draw it.


Here is a painting I did like 7 years ago from a black and white photo in a tourist book about Australian aboriginal.


The person is not too bad but I don’t lie the back ground.

This last one I did last year not really knowing what I was doing, my husband (and daughter of course) have some aboriginal blood so I was inspired by aboriginal dot painting.


I just wanted to show this side of my personality and am not pretending to be an artist.  I just like art and doing it makes me feel good(most of the time) but it sometimes makes me feel bad when I am not happy with it loll  Any time drawing, painting is a little moment away inside my own world that I used to visit more often a long time ago Smile

For the part of my journey that is about health, I am still off the wagon. I temporarily lost my Fit bit somewhere in this house(crazy right?) and I settle the treadmill argument by asking hubby to help me put it in the bedroom downstairs where 2 child nap in the afternoon. I thought there wouldn’t be any danger if the key wasn’t there, for those who own a treadmill is it safe for the kids with no key on it?


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