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We are now half way through the week, sorry if I sound a little depressing but it feels like a whole month. I had a migraine yesterday and still trying to get rid of that damned cold. Yesterday I ended up way over my goal and didn’t exercise because I was not feeling very good.

I don’t know if it’s be cause the winter started at the end of October but I am desperate for spring and summer to get some energy back. I wouldn’t  mind being a bear if I could sleep for the whole winter lol.

Is there anyone who could send me some canned summer?

Here are my shameful stats lol


Hoping to do better today Smile


Gadget temptation


Finally I did alright with my food intake yesterday.

I was supposed to weigh myself this morning but we had a new TV cabinet this weekend and had to unplug everything and plug it back. Hubby said the Wii is not working ad he doesn’t know why so it will probably go to the week end before I can step on the balance board.

All the sudden the Aria scale from fitbit seems very appealing. It measures the body fat % as well so it can come in handy when you are building muscles and the scale don’t go down…and it sync with the fitbit so you don’t need to log any numbers. Just another gadget that is not necessary of course…

Researching my past

I did alright yesterday with the food and I did my walking even with a migraine that stock on me and is still there a little today.

This morning i took the time to weight myself before eating or drinking and I was at 74 kl/162.8 pounds instead of 74.7 / 164.3 pounds yesterday afternoon. It gives me a little smile even if I know that it was only normal fluctuations.

So I re-start at 74 kl/162.8 pounds which is way better anyway Smile


I didn’t do as much steps as the days before but I was in the 9000’s.

Yesterday I was wondering how I used to do it with the food but then I logged into myfitnesspal that I was using everyday before I got my Fitbit and did a little research on myself.  I used to eat meat and vegetables at lunch and dinner and kept the carbs for the morning and evening. I used to eat oatmeal , sugar snap peas, spinach etc.

So today I ate plain turkey breast meat with carrots for lunch and I was full even if I didn’t eat potatoes. I will try to include more meals like this one from now on.

Warming up to the idea

So I didn’t do good with the food through the week end but did alright yesterday


I should be able to make through today as well.

So Sunday after Hubby went ice fishing with a friend and caught 2 huge pikes, I asked him if we could put the treadmill in the living room next weekend and he said yes!!! I won’t jump of excitement just yet in case he forget about it this week…He is not Alzheimer but see if he still things it’s ok when Saturday comes. I know I could use it right now as walking is about the only thing I can do. I would start at a very slow pace for only 5 min. because I want to get stronger not worst.

The treadmill reviews said it was silent enough so lets hope I can hear the TV while I am using it. Who knows maybe Hubby will see it differently and try it as well…

Fitbit calorie tracking

I had a good day today and did alright with my food choice. I could have done better but at least I didn’t go for crème brulé or chocolate covered strawberries.

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I still love Exerbeat

I finally made myself do a little work out this morning. I just did my old 25 min. Exerbeat routine and I did good to my surprise. Somehow I might not be in such hopeless physical state. It made me sweat but it might be because it is so hot in here and I also felt some kind of burn in my shoulder muscles. What? I still have some kind of muscles in there loll. I always knew that the worst part of exercising was “to start it” but I proved it to myself again this morning because once I was in it it was a lot of fun!

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Nothing to say…

After the moving and not weighing in so often and not logging calories much I just realised that it is harder to go back to logging my food than I thought it would be. I wanted to only weigh-in one time a week but I don’t think it’s going to work for me.

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Easy way out

It is always annoying when starting a new diet . I mean at first I struggle, don’t know what to eat so I eat the same thing all the time. I also think about it constantly  because I try to figure out a way to make it easier on me.Once I get the hold of it, it gets better and I can make up some menus and recipes.

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My Fitness Pal or Calorie count?

I had a weird day yesterday trying out those tools and giving a go at counting calories. I am very new to this.

For lunch I had a small burritos with a cucumber and avocado salad just with lemon juice and salt. The combination was delicious but…

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