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Yesterdays stats


Ok…so I thought I was going to be over my calories but it looks like going outside with the kids is paying off both with more active time and keeping my sanity.

The snow has been here since early December and stayed. We haven’t gone outside much during the fall but now the toddler are all walking good so its different. We made trails in the yard with the snow blower so they can walk easily otherwise they would just be stuck and would cry.

I am just waiting for them to wake up from nap and after snack we are heading outside again. Its only –1 c. so it’s too good to stay indoor.

I weighed in this morning and it showed a little gain but really I know I haven’t done too good with the food and it will take some time getting use to doing it again.

Friday tomorrow YES!


Bad timing

Yesterday I realised that the week was going to be harder than I though because by back was hurting more than expected. With the usual bad timing TOM then decided to knock at the door.

I know some women get a little grumpy before TOM shows up but for me the grumpiness always comes right with it. I am so cranky today that I almost gave myself a time out. The kids seems to have taken the opportunity to act  badly. They are probably thinking “she is grumpy anyway we might as well do what we are not suppose to” loll.

They are sleeping right now…. …. …it’s so peacefulSmile . Having a day home is not always easy, today it’s a hard day.

I am having trouble with a 31/2 year old who sometimes refuse to listen to me. I always teach the kids not to eat things they find outside unless I say it’s ok. So the little girl has always been eating snow like if it was ice cream, no matter what I could say she would still do it. Today she came to me  showing a piece of ice full of pieces of old leaves and dirt stock inside it. She was happy she found it, which is great but then she goes away and start eating it?!? She is definitely old enough to understand not to eat dirt. I gave her a time-out and explained why. After she got up she just walked away and started to eat snow again. I though ok, maybe I need to make a point of it since she doesn’t seem to make the difference between clean snow or anything else she finds. So after about 5 time-outs in row with her saying sorry while getting up and  starting putting stuff that she finds in her mouth I just gave up. She ate snow, dirty ice blocks that she founds on the ground, probably some with leaves in it as well.

Later after lunch, they played a little so when it was clean-up time she refuse to stop playing so she got another time-out. I made her sit against the wall near the kitchen table. There was  a piece of food that I missed under the table so she picked it and ate it. I then explained to her not to do it and why so she reached and picked another one?!?  I made sure there was none left after that…I know that she is a very smart girl and I just thought that maybe her Mom needs to do a little teaching as well so I will try to talk with her, maybe that kind of stuff doesn’t bother her but I cannot have the others pick that up from her and eat what ever they find, it could be dangerous. What will it be next summer , is she going to stuff her mouth with the mushrooms that grows on the grass?

My hormones are probably making me over reacting but I cannot wait for the week to end. I can’t believe I am saying that! Bloody TOM go away!

To change the subject, I did ok with my food intake yesterday, almost reaching        10 000 steps without even thinking about it or going for a walk! Smile





I wasn’t not expecting this at all. I got myself to step on the board at 6h30am this morning and guess what? Since the last time I weighed myself(in November) I took 0.2 kilos?!?! About 0.4 pound…I am still stunned by this news as I was expecting 10 pounds at least.

It kind of says how much muscles I lost because my new pants that were kind of loose are now tighter and as I said yesterday my butt as changed back a little to what it was before. I don’t really know how much muscles I have lost(this is when I would use the fit bit scale if I would have it) but it’s very surprising to know that they were responsible for my body getting slimmer and more defined. I remember that it took like a month od exercise and dieting in September to finally see the scale go down so all this time my body was building muscles I guess…I am starting work this morning which means there should be some stairs climbing to my daily routine from now on…one little thing at the time.

The tread-mill is still in the garage for now, I am giving hubby a short break loll

I am going to start logging my food again but I don’t know if I should charge my fit bit and wear it because I won’t be moving as much as I used to and I don’t want it to discourage me. I got to log onto myfitnesspal now…Have a good day!

Back at work tomorrow

I am re-opening my daycare tomorrow morning. The awakening is going to be tough as my routine has been getting up late and going to sleep late. I might try to step on the balance board see how much I took back on.

For the holiday, hubby got heaps of unhealthy treats in a basket and a huge box of fancy cookies and other treats as well. I just got sick of it today and though the rest in the garbage. I just realised that I was eating it because it was there even though I didn’t really like it, just because it was sweet and available. I guess it’s the fist step towards recovery. I say recovery because I really have been off calorie counting for at least 2 months and off healthy eating for like 4 weeks.

I have some of my old butt back and when I realise that it made me pretty upset. It took so long to get where I was and such a short time to lose the muscles and pack the fat back up. I know that not moving at all for the past 3 weeks has something to do with it but it should have made me watch my diet even more.

Anyway it’s too late for what happened but not to late for what can happen!

I am a bit anxious about tomorrow but i will just have to be extra-careful.

Have a good week!

On goal!


I finally was on goal yesterday! Yay! Did my work out this morning. My weight is down a little from yesterday. Everything is good!

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More stats

Morning work-out : Done

Yesterday’s goal: over

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Carrot muffin

Morning work-out: check

Logging food for yesterday: check

On goal yesterday: not really


I had a gain this morning or a fluctuation of 0.5 kilo/1 pound but it’s ok I know that yesterday I made some muffins and the kids didn’t eat them so I did. Bad bad me! Thank god I only made 6 and gave 2 to hubby and daughter had 1/2 one but yes I ate 3 1/2 carrot and apple muffins! Not at once at least but throughout the day. They were very delicious but I told the kids they had carrot in them and maybe it’s why they didn’t want them even if they could not see carrot. Anyway I don,t have too much time this morning so have a good day!


Yesterday I managed to be close to my goal but over and since I woke up at around 1h30am and I was hungry and ate some cheese and bagel I ended up being way over my goal but it’s a start. I did my work out this morning before I could totally wake up and think how to get out of doing it.

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Back from Candy land

Last week I ac accidently tripped over some mini chocolate bars and felt off the wagon for a whole week of almost a week anyway from Halloween night until yesterday. See…husband was supposed to bring the left overs treats at his work for the staff room and forgot it Thursday and also Friday so it stayed here the whole weekend.

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The child inside me

I don’t have a nice little fitbit picture this morning because I ended up eating mini-chocolate bars and some chips yesterday. It wasn’t too bad during the day as I kept control over myself.

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