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No calorie tracking this weekend

Saturday’s stats


Sunday’s stats


I stopped calorie tracking Saturday because I made a big and very healthy stir-fry with lots of veggies and did not want to spend 30 minutes trying to figure out how many calories was in my portion. Instead I portioned my rice and didn’t worry about the stir-fry. Didn’t log anything Sunday either, just out of laziness.

So was going to weigh myself this morning but I moved some furniture around this weekend and must have unplugged the Wii so I did not have time this morning to move the everything and plug it back. I’ll do it tonight. I am back at logging my food.

So for those of you that cooks family dinner, do you take the time to count and portion to know how many calories you are eating? I used to do it, for every single bit(when I was not working that is) but now I don’t have that kind of extra time anymore.

Monday is hard!!Even the little ones were all super tired today and are now napping YES!

Have a good week!


Gadget temptation


Finally I did alright with my food intake yesterday.

I was supposed to weigh myself this morning but we had a new TV cabinet this weekend and had to unplug everything and plug it back. Hubby said the Wii is not working ad he doesn’t know why so it will probably go to the week end before I can step on the balance board.

All the sudden the Aria scale from fitbit seems very appealing. It measures the body fat % as well so it can come in handy when you are building muscles and the scale don’t go down…and it sync with the fitbit so you don’t need to log any numbers. Just another gadget that is not necessary of course…


This is my food intake for yesterday


 was so hungry yesterday, I don’t know why but maybe my body is fighting another dawn cold. I don,t have it yet but I can feel it trying to “get me”. What a beautiful excuse I just made for myself loll.

I walked for about 45 minutes at 2.5 miles an hour. I have a speaker in the treadmill to plug in an iPod. I could plug my laptop but the cord they provided is about 10 cm long so I would need a longer one or headphones(I have one set somewhere). I could hardly hear my show yesterday and it was a bit annoying.

I am scared of the weekend coming and ruining my new food logging habit of 2 days. If hubby is not off there is less chance for be to get off track again. No I am not blaming it on him but he sure doesn’t help me when he propose restaurants meal because I have never done good with those. But again, I am responsible for my own choices.

I don’t want to be where I am at with my weight in September so I really have to do something about it. You know when you say : if I would have done last year, I would be at my goal weight by now, well I don’t want to say “if i would have” anymore…instead I will just do it.

Maybe it’s time for me to set myself some real goals or deadlines.


This weekend I didn’t work-out or been too worried about what I ate. I didn’t over eat or go for a piece of brownie either. I was over goal for both days but yesterday, not too bad. I needed to rest so I did and this morning I feel better despite my sleep that was not so great.

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I am re-thinking the 1 day without a work out thing. It’s 5hpm and I only have 3829 steps on my Fitbit. The rest of the week was more like 11000,12000 or 15000 steps. The problem is that if I don’t move my calorie allowance is shrinking.

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My first “official” work day tomorrow


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I still love Exerbeat

I finally made myself do a little work out this morning. I just did my old 25 min. Exerbeat routine and I did good to my surprise. Somehow I might not be in such hopeless physical state. It made me sweat but it might be because it is so hot in here and I also felt some kind of burn in my shoulder muscles. What? I still have some kind of muscles in there loll. I always knew that the worst part of exercising was “to start it” but I proved it to myself again this morning because once I was in it it was a lot of fun!

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Another badge from Fitbit

You earned the Helicopter badge!

You’ve climbed 500 floors, that’s like reaching the altitude of a Helicopter. Halfway to the next badge!


Isn’t it funny? loll

I used to live in a 3 level house, how wonder how many floors I have climbed there Winking smile

I did alright!

Today I was downstairs with my daughter and 2  little girls. It was kind of my second home daycare day. I have been looking after my friend’s little girl but it’s not the same because she is 5 and used to my rules so her and daughter are free to play in the whole house. When there is other kids at the daycare we stay in the daycare part because it is child proof and set for that purpose. 

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