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Well another week started and I cannot say that I am fully awake right now and I will probably need a second coffee to wake me some more or for moral support lol

So I weighed in Sunday after I slept in until 10am and I have lost 0.4 kilo/0.9 pound since last weekend. It brings me at 75.6 kilos/167 pounds. Not even a pound but I am still happy about it. I did not log any food this weekend. Saturday I felt so hungry and ate maybe a little more than I should have but I didn’t eat that much Sunday and did not snack in between meals because I was not hungry so it should get even.

Have a good week!


What if…

I usually weigh myself everyday to keep me “on guard” and focus on my weight loss journey. Every Thursday I record my weight on my blog so you can see my progress.

Here is what I had for April

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