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I still love Exerbeat

I finally made myself do a little work out this morning. I just did my old 25 min. Exerbeat routine and I did good to my surprise. Somehow I might not be in such hopeless physical state. It made me sweat but it might be because it is so hot in here and I also felt some kind of burn in my shoulder muscles. What? I still have some kind of muscles in there loll. I always knew that the worst part of exercising was “to start it” but I proved it to myself again this morning because once I was in it it was a lot of fun!

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Enjoying Queensland

lorikeet zoom

I am just starting to feel better because when we got in Queensland I felt sick from the heat. The vegetation here is so beautiful, I am constantly amazed by the variety of plants and trees that grows here(nice change from the eternal pine trees from Alberta). When the breeze comes to cool us down it brings flower perfume along and it’s just wonderful.

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