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Yesterdays stats


Ok…so I thought I was going to be over my calories but it looks like going outside with the kids is paying off both with more active time and keeping my sanity.

The snow has been here since early December and stayed. We haven’t gone outside much during the fall but now the toddler are all walking good so its different. We made trails in the yard with the snow blower so they can walk easily otherwise they would just be stuck and would cry.

I am just waiting for them to wake up from nap and after snack we are heading outside again. Its only –1 c. so it’s too good to stay indoor.

I weighed in this morning and it showed a little gain but really I know I haven’t done too good with the food and it will take some time getting use to doing it again.

Friday tomorrow YES!


The ostrich syndrome

This morning I stepped on the balance board out of curiosity and apparently I have lost 0.9 kilos in a day. I think letting go my daily weigh-in was alright for a while but it turned out that I didn’t miss the weigh-ins and didn’t care to know. I ended up letting go the calorie counting habit and I have put my head in he sand to make sure I wasn’t aware that I was off my journey and losing track of my goals.

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After 10 days

Today I am taking some time to post about my experience of 10 days with no scale. First of all, I didn’t miss the daily weight-in. It felt like one less thing to worry about. Secondly did I keep accountable? Not really. I ate lots of fruit and vegetables but I let myself have a little more of everything and even a few more treats that I would normally have. After about a week I even stopped logging my food intake…

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No weigh-in

I am really busy at the moment and it’s why I am not posting as much. I still didn’t weight myself and I will only do it on Monday like I said. To be honest not weighing myself is not worrying me too much but I don’t do as good with food as I should. Everything is really healthy, whole food, lots of fruit and veggies, home-made stuff,but I haven’t been tracking calories very consistently and I ate too much “starch food” too.

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No scale?

I though I was tough enough to take the everyday scale fluctuations but maybe I am not as tough as I would like to be. (The 2 pounds fluctuation I just had proved it to me) More important, I feel like logging food and exercising is pointless without the daily weigh-in that keeps me accountable.

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