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Loss progress

This page is about weight loss progress

Being healthier for me is not only about weight. It’s a combination of a lot’s of things to also bring more happiness into my life. I sort of started thinking about finding a good way for me to get to a healthier weight in november 2011 and my first post on this blog was November 25. I tried some things and settled with counting the calories, making better food choice and exercising with an amount of calories to be burned each day. The first week it went down very fast but it seems to get harder to lose them pounds now.

So from the beginning of this blog to a healthier me, here we go!


November 25 ——————-208 pounds/94.3 kilos

December 2———————200 pounds

December 8———————199 pounds

December 15——————–196.2 pounds

December 22——————–195 pounds

December 29——————–194 pounds


January 5 ————————192 pounds

January 12———————–190 pounds

January 19———————–189 pounds

January 26———————–186 pounds

February 2———————–186 pounds

February 9———————–185 pounds

February 16———————-183 pounds

February 23———————-182 pounds

March 1—————————181 pounds

March 8—————————No weight in

March 15————————–No weight in

March 22————————–No weight in

March 29————————–179 pounds

April 06—————————-178 pounds/81.2 kilos

April 5——————————178 pounds

April 12—————————–176 pounds

April 19—————————–177 pounds

April 26—————————–175 pounds

May 3——————————-175 pounds/79.2

May 10——————————172 pounds/78.2*********************************

May 17——————————171 pounds/77.4 kilos

May 24——————————169 pounds/76.8 kilos

May 31——————————170 pounds/76.9 kilos

June 09—————————–168 pounds/76.4 kilos

June 15——————————169 pounds/76.6 kilos******************************

June 21——————————168 pounds/76.4 kilos

July 2——————————–169 pounds/76.6 kilos

July 18——————————-167 pounds/75.9 kilos

July 25——————————-165 pounds/75 kilos

August 4—————————–166 pounds/75.5 kilos

August 18—————————-165 pounds/74.9 kilos

September 4————————-168 pounds/76.1 kilos

September 10————————168 pounds/76.1 kilos

September 17————————166 pounds/75.4 kilos

September 24————————166 pounds/75.4 kilos

September 28————————165 pounds/74.8 kilos

October 5—————————–165 pounds/74.8 kilos

October 17—————————162.5 pounds/73.7 kilos

October 22—————————161.7 pounds/73.5 kilos

November 05————————162.6 pounds/73.9kilos

November 09————————161 pounds/73.2 kilos


February 21————————–164.3pounds/74.7 kilos


January 03—————————175 ponds/78.8 kilos

January 05—————————172pounds/78.1 kilos

January 06—————————170 pounds/77.3 kilos

January 15—————————-170 pounds/77.3 kilos

January 18—————————-168 pounds/ 76 kilos

January 26—————————167 pounds/75.6 kilos


2 thoughts on “Loss progress

  1. You’re doing a wonderful job! Keep up the great work! One of my 2014 resolutions is to Pay it Forward more, so I’d like to start with you if you’re up for it 🙂 I own my own health and wellness company and am currently doing a 30-day Healthy Living Challenge for anyone who’s willing to try something new. It’s an opportunity to cut out the 9 toxic food groups (such as alcohol, dairy, and sugar) from your diet and slowly reintroduce them to see how they affect you personally- you can, of course, continue without them too! Anyone can do anything for just 30 days, right? And, if you are looking to make healthy living a lifestyle, I’d be happy to extend a spot on my team, which is an exciting opportunity to earn an income too! I look forward to hearing from you! Have a wonderful 2014!

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